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Ford Wants 2010 Fusion Owners for Publicity Stunt

On Facebook and want to rally? The car could be paid off.

by on Oct.21, 2009

Fress gas for Facebook product plugs.

Free car and gas for Facebook product plugs.

Ford Motor Company is looking for 2010 Fusion and Fusion Hybrid owners to participate in a publicity stunt dubbed Fusion 41, which is an automotive relay race designed to build awareness around the all-new Fusion.

The Fusion owner of the winning team will have their vehicle paid off, and team members will win free gas for one year.

Eight Fusion owners from throughout the country will be selected to participate in the program. They will be chosen based on their “passion” for Fusion and their ability to share “compelling information” about the vehicle on the Internet. Applicants must have a current Facebook profile with a minimum of 100 friends and an active photo collection. (Apply at before November 6.)

Each of the eight Fusion owners will then choose four friends or family members to join their team, and each team will be given a 2010 Ford Fusion or Fusion Hybrid to drive in an automotive relay race. To complete the relay, each team member must fulfill an assigned task within 41 hours, tracking competitive variables such as miles driven, stops made or the number of passengers picked up.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia

Ceco, communicate, comment.

by on Oct.16, 2009

The bow-tie brand has come undone.

It looks like Campbell Ewald, Ceco, if you prefer, may have lost the revolution.

It looks like Campbell Ewald, Ceco, if you prefer, may have lost the advertising revolution.

For almost a century Campbell-Ewald Company (Ceco) has been the custodian of the Chevrolet brand, the creation and production of all its advertising and the spending of billions of dollars in various media.

For much of this time the Chevy-Ceco partnership set the gold standard in an agency/client business relationship. And there has been some extraordinary advertising along the way.

But the past several years have not been the best for the Chevy brand and its advertising agency.

A Revolution in News. Subscribe for Free!

A Revolution in News. Subscribe for Free!

Recent work, including the most recent and insipid “American Revolution” ad campaign was not revolutionary, but ordinary and tepid, at its best. But in all fairness Ceco had little or nothing to work with.  The cars were not revolutionary, but ordinary and tepid at their best.