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Ford Accused of Covering up F-Series Fuel Tank Defects

Lawsuit claims maker advised dealers, ignored customers.

by on Mar.16, 2012

The suit alleges the lining of the F-Series fuel tank can flake off and cause engine stalling.

A lawsuit filed this week in federal court in New Jersey claims Ford Motor Co. hid problems with the fuel tanks in its big F-Series pickups that reportedly can lead to a loss of power or stalling.

The complaint, Coba et al v Ford Motor Co., seeks to be certified as a class action.  The automaker had no immediate comment and it is not clear if federal regulators are now looking into the issue as it could be considered a potential safety hazard.

The problem could be a significant one for Ford if the courts agree with the complaint.  The F-Series is not only the automaker’s best-selling product but has been the most popular product in the U.S. market for the last 30 consecutive years. (F-Series Tops the Sales Charts. Click Here for more.)

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According to the papers filed with the U.S. District Court, Ford was aware that the linings of the F-Series pickups and E-Series vans built between 1999 and 2008 could “separate and flake-off,” which could clog the fuel lines, leading to a loss of power or even stalling.


F-Series Again Tops Chart as Truck Sales Rebound

Does trend signal economic upturn?

by on Jan.05, 2012

The majority of Ford F-150s are now being ordered with 6-cylinder engines.

Fuel prices may be nudging back up again but Americans are once again racing to plunk their money down on pickups, vans and SUVs again, light trucks collectively accounting for 54.8% of the U.S. market last month – with the Ford F-Series wrapping up 2011 as the best-selling vehicle in the country for the 30th year in a row.

While Americans might have been racing to buy small cars and hybrids early in the year, demand clearly slipped as 2011 came to a close, Honda selling just 690 of its Insight hybrids last month, or less than one per dealer.

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Pickups, it turned out, dominated the sales charts, the Chevrolet Silverado slipping into the number two sales slot behind Ford’s F-150, and a range of other trucks – from the newly redesigned Ford Explorer to Chrysler’s relaunched Jeep Grand Cherokee – reporting December gains well into the double-digits.


GMC Granite Concept – A Compact Pickup For Millennials?

GM’s truck brand could fill a gaping hole in truck segment.

by on Nov.24, 2010

The GMC Granite Pickup Concept - designed for Californians by Californians. But will it appeal to the rest of the country?

Could the GMC Granite Concept be the shape of things to come in the compact pickup segment?

American automakers have walked away from the once huge niche – or at least they will when Ford pulls the plug, next year, on the ancient Ranger.  A new Ford bearing that name has been launched overseas but there are no plans to bring it here, the maker firmly declares.

For those who want something smaller than an F-150, Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra but want to stick with the domestics, that leaves little – make that no – option.  Maybe.

“GM Design believes there is an opportunity for a small truck because nobody else is doing this right now,” says Clay Dean, the executive director of GM’s advanced global design studios.

If the Granite name sounds familiar, that’s because GMC has already used it on an edgy little crossover/SUV, which made its debut at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.  Indeed, the pickup prototype has some key design features in common with the crossover concept from the nose back to the B-pillar.

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Developed at the GM studio in Southern California, the Granite pickup was “designed to be modular,” according to the studio’s manager, Robb McCann.

That brings to mind some of the funky, but flexible styling exercises the now-abandoned Pontiac brand rolled out in the late 1980s and 1990s.  The goal, back then, and again now, is to come up with a sort of Swiss Army Knife on wheels.