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From Car to Grid: Automakers Lining Up New Uses for Old EV Batteries

Some use the old batteries to provide backup power for solar arrays.

by on Jun.09, 2017

Automakers are finding ways to use the electric vehicle batteries after the cars they go into reach the end of their lifespan.

What happens when that battery-electric vehicle is finally ready to retire? Its sheet metal, glass and a number of other materials will likely be recycled, as automakers struggle to reduce the amount of vehicle scraps that go into landfills.

But those big batteries could remain productive for a number of years, automakers have come to believe, even after the vehicle is off the road. A number of companies, including General Motors and the Renault-Nissan Alliance, are studying ways to use battery packs that come out of hybrids, plug-ins and pure battery-electric vehicles.

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As with the lithium-ion batteries in cellphones and other consumer devices, those used in vehicles do lose some of their capacity as they age and go through repeated charge/discharge cycles. But automakers intentionally use chemical formulations – along with thermal management systems – to minimize this degradation. So, according to Pablo Valencia, a battery expert at GM, they may retain as much as 80% of their capacity when the vehicle itself is ready for the rust heap. (more…)

EV Battery Costs Dropping Faster than Predicted

China bus maker inks $1 billion deal with Michigan battery maker.

by on Mar.25, 2015

The HK Group is taking advantage of falling EV battery prices for its city buses.

Don’t look now but the price of batteries packs are coming down.

Battery cell costs will fall about 8% a year, according to a Stockholm Environment Institute study that found battery costs have been overestimated. Cells for electric vehicles fell about 14% a year from 2007 to 2014, according to the study.

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Battery electric vehicles (EVs) are one of the key alternatives to gas- and diesel-driven vehicles. The costs of battery cells has always been one of biggest obstacles to the development of EVs, forcing manufacturers to trade off between a model’s price and the range it can travel on a single charge, the institute reported. (more…)

Tesla, Panasonic Lock Down Gigafactory Deal

More details revealed about planned battery plant.

by on Jul.31, 2014

Tesla and Panasonic formally announced their plans to partner in the development of the new "Gigafactory" to make batteries for electric vehicles.

Electric carmaker Tesla Motors today formally locked down its alliance with Japanese electronics giant Panasonic, the two confirming they will move ahead on a planned $5 billion “Gigafactory” that is expected to become the world’s largest lithium-ion battery plant.

Tesla had earlier announced plans to build the Gigafactory, which it said was essential to its goal of taking battery cars to a more mainstream market segment with the launch of its $35,000 Model 3 later this decade.

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The partners revealed a number of new details about the battery plant as it confirmed signing a deal with Panasonic, but one fact remains unknown: where the Gigafactory will be built. The maker is considering five states for the project, which will eventually employ as many as 6,500 workers: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. (more…)

Tesla Megafactory Deal Could Slash Costs for Batteries

EV maker reportedly planning $1 bil US factory with Japan’s Panasonic.

by on Feb.26, 2014

Lower cost, higher-power batteries could make vehicles like the Tesla Model S a lot more competitive.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is expected to announce plans for a new “gigafactory” later this week, and reports out of Japan indicate the project will involve a $1 billion joint venture with electronic giant Panasonic to set up a lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in the United States.

The two partners are expected to seek the involvement – and investment – of additional partners, according to Japan’s Nikkei. Among the key goals of the program will be a sharp reduction in the cost of the advanced batteries needed to power vehicles like the Tesla Model S.

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The reports have generated some skepticism, and neither Panasonic nor Tesla are directly discussing the reports – or the megafactory announcement the California-based automaker is expected to make on Thursday. Contacted by the AFP news service, a Panasonic official would only say the company is “studying every possible way to strengthen ties with Tesla.”