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Will Europe Legislate the Gas Engine Out of Existence?

Regulators considering full ban on fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2050.

by on Mar.28, 2011

By mid-century, Parisians and other European drivers may have a choice of battery cars or mass transit.

If European regulators follow through on a proposal now getting serious consideration all fossil fuel-powered vehicles could be banned from the Continent’s roadways by 2050.

The proposal is part of a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Europe by 60% by mid-century, according to the Dutch news site NU.NL.  Regulators blame automotive emissions for half of the carbon dioxide produced in Europe.

The plan would be phased in over the next four decades, with the number of gas and diesel-powered automobiles being cut in half by 2030.

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European regulators are already making it difficult for the internal combustion engine.  By 2012, makers will need to cut the CO2 output of their average vehicle to just 130 grams per kilometer.  Since there is a direct correlation between the fuel that goes into an engine and the CO2 that comes out, this works out to approximately 66 mpg.  By 2020, the carbon dioxide figure drops to just 95 g/km, with the fleet-average fuel economy rising to 100 mpg.