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Gen-X Buyers Opt for “Family-Friendly” Vehicles

European imports lead the list.

by on Jul.13, 2011

European models top the list - even if the number offering, the VW Routan is actually a rebadged version of the Detroit-made Chrysler minivan.

That sometimes forgotten generation of post-Baby Boomers, Gen-X has moved from the grunge and rock-and-roll life phase to raising families of their own – which may explain why “family-friendly” is the key word in describing the sort of vehicles that wind up most on their shopping list, according to a new study.

As they become increasingly affluent, this relatively small group of the population – born between the mid-1960s and early ‘80s – have developed a clear taste for the roomy, well-equipped vehicles they can use to haul kids and grandkids, as well as the other accoutrements of an established life, finds’s analysis of Gen-X buying data.

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Significantly, there are signs that the old maxim that each generation moves away from the cars their parents drove is at least partially true.  Among the Top 5 models on the Gen-X list is only one Japanese brand, fourth-ranked Mazda.  The most popular brands, in order, are Volkswagen, Land Rover and Audi.  Rounding out the group is the only domestic model, Jeep.