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BMW Claims World’s First Emission Free Foundry

New binders are used in sand core production at Landshut plant.

by on Oct.16, 2009

Cycle times are down about 10%, which translates to the same in increased productivity.

Cycle times decrease approximately 10%, which translates to the same in increased productivity.

BMW’s Landshut plant outside of Munich will become the world’s first foundry with emission-free sand core production, the German company announced today. The light-alloy foundry is introducing a new production method for gravity die-casting.

Instead of conventional organic binders long in use in castings, newly developed inorganic binders will be used, which generate virtually no pollutants during the process.

BMW claims the plant’s emissions from combustion residues will be reduced by 98%. As a result, the plant will completely decommission its current waste air treatment systems by 2010.

Sand Free!

Sand Free!

The new method could be of enormous significance in the business as automobile makers continue to shift into lighter weight aluminum and magnesium materials to increase fuel economy and decrease emissions of carbon dioxide.