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Datsun Lays Out “Glocal” Growth Strategy

Reborn brand could eventually target 50 markets.

by on Sep.03, 2013

Datsun returns after a quarter-century absence.

After an absence of more than a quarter-century, Nissan’s reborn Datsun brand recently made its return in the booming Indian market with the launch of the little Go hatchback.

Datsun is returning to its roots as a simple and affordable car, in this case targeting emerging markets that will also include Russia, South Africa and Indonesia. Eventually, said the brand’s chief executive Vincent Cobee, Datsun will be sold in as many as 50 markets around the world, aiming at first-time buyers on a limited budget.


“It’s a reflection of their (limited) purchasing power,” explained one-time civil engineer Cobee who has been running the Datsun project since 2010.  “A first-time buyer in the United States might be able to spend $20,000 on a new car.  In India, that might be $7,000.”