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Porsche on a Mission to Electrify with 600-hp Battery Sports Car

Mission E will hit 60 in just over 3 seconds and deliver 500 miles a charge.

by on Sep.14, 2015

Porsche's Mission E will make about 600 horsepower out of its twin electric motors.

If you’re image of a battery car runs along the lines of a Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius or Chevrolet Volt, something, slow, awkward and anything but fun to drive, Porsche is about to blow your doors off.

The German maker is on a mission to redefine the battery car. Mission E, that is. Looking like it’s rolled out of a sci-fi flick, the concept car Porsche is unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show is meant to prove that Tesla isn’t the only automaker that can be both mean and green.

The Last Word!

The 600-horsepower Porsche Mission E will launch from 0 to 100 kmh, or 62.5 mph, in under 3.5 seconds, yet get more than 310 miles per charge if you’re a little more gentle on the throttle. And if you do want to see what it can deliver on the track, Porsche says you can get an 80% battery charge-up in just 15 minutes.


No Bull, Lamborghini Heats up the Horsepower Race with Asterion Concept

Super car maker joins competitor with new hybrid concept.

by on Oct.02, 2014

Lamborghini's Stephan Winkelmann shows the maker's entry into the plug-in hybrid super car segment with the Asterion concept car at the Paris Motor Show.

You might say that Lamborghini is full of bull, each of its sports cars bearing the name of a legendary fighting bull. The maker takes a slightly different turn by manning up with the Asterion LPI 910-4 it’s debuting in Paris this week, the name of the Greek minotaur, a half-man, half-bull.

But whether the maker is serious about this concept remains to be seen. Only a year ago, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann insisted he was determined to stay focused on traditional, large-block internal combustion engines, but the “I” in LPI suggests he has had a change of heart. In Italian, it stands for “Ibrido.” That’s “hybrid” to the rest of us. And it reveals how the new show car comes up with its daunting 910 horsepower.

Stay on the Fast Track!

Following in the footsteps of rivals like Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche, the Asterion mates its 610-horsepower, 5.2-liter V-10 with three separate electric motors, each churning out 100 horsepower. Add it up and you’re up to 910 metric hp, 897 using U.S. measurements. (more…)