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WWII “DUCKS” Could Aid Haiti Relief

Aging warhorses could have peaceful mission

by on Jan.22, 2010

They were built to support the war effort in the Pacific, but WWII-vintage DUCKWs -- DUCKs to the serviceman -- may find use in Haiti.

The world is racing to deliver aid to devastated Haiti, but getting it onto the stricken island has been a problem.  Bottlenecks have made it difficult to deliver freight by either air or sea and aid groups, including the U.S. military, are desperately looking for ways to increase the flow before it’s too late.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a Jacksonville shipping firm has ships with cranes which could lift relief cargo to shipside smaller boats, but the problem is there is no way for them to unload efficiently on Haitian beaches.

But actually there is, if those interested just turn to the pages of history.

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During the early days of U.S. involvement in World War ii, Army vehicle engineers worked with General Motor Truck and Coach Division engineers to develop an amphibious version of the War Department’s standard cargo truck, a GMC 6×6, better known among the troops as “Deuce and a Half.”