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14 Mil Americans Have Had “Incidents” With Elderly Drivers in Past Year

Results of study could add to pressure for new restrictions on older motorists.

by on Jul.09, 2015

More than 14 million Americans have had "incidents" with older drivers, renewing the calls for stricter standards for elderly motorists.

When a 92-year old driver pulled into traffic on a Florida highway last April he was blamed for setting off a chain reaction that resulted in the deaths of three utility workers.

The crash was far from the exception. Federal statistics show that an average 15 older adults are killed in motor vehicle crashes, another 586 injured, every single day. And that doesn’t take into account fatalities and injuries caused by senior citizens behind the wheel. But a new study reveals that 14 million Americans have been involved in a road “incident” caused by an elderly driver during the past year.

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Those findings could add to mounting pressure to come up with tougher rules for older drivers, such as more frequent tests to ensure a senior citizen is competent enough to get behind the wheel. Such efforts have often run into strong resistance in a country where transportation alternatives aren’t always available. (more…)

Legal Marijuana Forcing States to Examine Impaired Driving Laws

Concern growing about the problem of smoking and driving.

by on Dec.29, 2014

An increasing number of Americans are concerned about driving while under the influence of marijuana.

How much pot can a person smoke and then drive safely? It’s a question more and more states are grappling with as the legalization of marijuana becomes more widespread.

Those states are not alone as nearly half of Americans express similar concerns and report feeling that drug-impaired drivers are a bigger problem today compared to three years ago, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

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While 85% of Americans support marijuana-impairment laws, according to its latest survey, the definition of “impairment” is a tough one to nail down when it comes to John Q. Public as well as the law enforcement community. (more…)