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The World’s Oddest Driving Laws

Don’t drive blindfolded in Alabama - but it's okay to shoot a whale in Tennessee.

by on Feb.24, 2014

You can still get away with a swig of beer while driving in a few states.

Years back, during my first visit to Colorado, a friend greeted me at the airport and handed me a beer, opening another for himself as he slipped behind the wheel.  There was a time when it was legal to drink while driving in a number of states. Most have since banned the practice as part of the broader crackdown on drunk driving — but not all.

Six states, including West Virginia and Missouri, still allow drinking while driving. And Louisiana has what’s known as the “daiquiri exemption.” You can have one in your hand as long as the lid remains in place and there’s no straw visible.

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There are plenty of strange – and often ignored – laws on the books across the country, and some even stranger ones abroad. While some probably made sense when they were passed — at least to some legislative sponsor — it’s hard to imagine who might have decided it was necessary to ban driving blindfolded, or thought it a good idea to punish drivers who stop at pedestrian crossings.


Halloween Partygoers Need a Sober Driver

Safe driving will help ensure a happy celebration.

by on Oct.26, 2009

The point is for everyone to come home safe.

The point is for everyone to arrive home safely after the party.

With nearly one in three adults planning to attend or host a Halloween party this year, AAA urges partygoers to plan in advance by designating a sober driver before enjoying the festivities.

“Halloween has become an increasingly popular occasion for adults to host and attend parties where alcohol is frequently served. By designating a sober driver, or by choosing not to drink alcoholic beverages if driving solo, this popular holiday can be less frightening for everyone,” said Jake Nelson, director, AAA Traffic Safety Research and Advocacy.

According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween parties for adults have been growing in popularity during the past decade. This year about 30% of all adults will be celebrating with others, and an estimated 62% of those aged 18-24 will attend or host a party.

With legions of child pedestrians and their adult escorts in neighborhoods for trick-or-treating this weekend, and many costume-clad adults taking to the roads to attend holiday parties, it is imperative that everyone involved in the celebration think about the importance of traffic safety, AAA said.