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End May Be Near for Dodge Viper

Document sees production ending in 2017.

by on Oct.16, 2015

Dodge has tried everything it can to build demand for the Viper, including adding the ACR version.

(This story has been updated to include additional comments from Fiat Chrysler.)

The Dodge Viper SRT was intended to be one of the fastest cars ever produced in Detroit. But you couldn’t tell by the way it’s moving on dealer lots. Despite a big price cut, the two-seat sports car just can’t seem to build much momentum.

So, after launching an all-new version of the Viper in 2012, production is apparently set to wrap up in two years, at least according to a document provided to the United Auto Workers Union as part of recently concluded contract talks.

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The last Dodge Viper is expect to roll down the line at the special, low-volume Connor Assembly Plant in Detroit in 2017, the letter indicated, adding that, “No future product has yet been identified beyond the product life cycle.”


Dodge Hellcat Orders Bust Bank

Buyer demand outstrips supply capability.

by on May.19, 2015

Sales of the 707-hp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and its four-door Charger sibling are smoking hot. So hot, they've been capped for 2015.

With the introduction of the new Chevy Camaro and the celebration of the 50th anniversary the Ford Mustang, FCA’s muscle cars – Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcats and the Viper – are almost getting lost in the shuffle … except with buyers.

In fact, sales are so strong that FCA US, the old Chrysler Group, capped orders for the hot-selling 707-horsepower Hellcat models. Dodge and SRT received more than 4,500 orders for the new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in just the first five days after orders opened in September.

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Tim Kuniskis, president of the Dodge and SRT brands, said the Hellcats have been a major success. Their popularity put too much pressure on the order bank because buyers were putting in multiple orders in an effort to secure one of the popular cars so they shut it down. (more…)

Dodge Viper Redux

Chrysler confirms late 2012 launch…and more.

by on Apr.15, 2011

A Dodge Viper "mule" undergoes testing before the snake's planned return in late 2012.

The snake is back.  Well, almost.  We were pleased to get a teaser shot of the 2013 Dodge Viper, though we’d have been a lot happier if it was the actual next-gen 2-seater, rather than a “mule” using the old model’s body and the ’13 Viper’s mechanicals.

Still, Dodge muscle aficionados will have something to crow about, Chrysler confirming earlier promises to revive the legendary sports car.

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The latest corporate missive is short on details, though it does suggest that the maker has given into modern realities and won’t follow the path blazed by the first-generation Viper, which eschewed high-tech niceties, such as anti-lock brakes.  One of the few things the Dodge news release reveals is that the 2013 Viper will be getting stability control for the first time.

We’ll have to wait to see just how much more high-tech gadgetry and gimmickry it will feature, but the full array of brake-derived systems is a likely.  More advanced chassis controls may also be in the mix considering competitive realities.