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Infotainment Systems on Par With Cell Phones for Distracted Driving

Study reveals cars already have plenty of things to distract drivers.

by on Oct.05, 2017

Newer infotainment systems often require drivers to avert their eyes from the roads, leading to more dangerous driving.

For so long, researchers have focused on how cellular phones facilitate a variety of distracted driving behaviors, such as texting and driving. A new study now shows that vehicles themselves can be a distraction.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a report suggesting that the latest infotainment systems in new vehicle promote distracted driving behaviors and on a scale greater than cell phones.

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Fatal crashes are on the rise in the U.S., and distracted driving is a major reason for the increase, the foundation believes. Deaths involving distracted driving jumped 8.8% to 3,477 in 2015, the latest year in which statistics were available, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (more…)

Stop Daydreaming, Warns Distracted Driving Study

Texting, cellphones apparently aren’t the only problem.

by on Apr.05, 2013

Distracted driving plays a role in fatal crashes, but so does daydreaming, according to a new study.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the “epidemic” of distracted driving, as U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has dubbed it, and most fingers point to such high-tech diversions as texting and handheld cellphoning. But a new study says we may be looking in the wrong direction – or perhaps not looking at all.

Apparently, you are five times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash because you were daydreaming or “lost in thought” than if you were distracted by the use of some electronic device, according to new research by the Erie Insurance Group.

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“The results were disturbing,” said Erie Senior Vice President Doug Smith.

The study focused on the 65,000 fatal accidents that occurred in the U.S. over the last two years, identifying 10% as the result of some form of distracted driving – in line with federal and other insurance industry estimates.


Parents Who Take Risks Have Teen Drivers Who Take Risks

Despite crackdown, new study finds teen texting while driving “remains commonplace.”

by on Nov.27, 2012

Teens often mimic -- good or bad -- the driving behavior of their parents.

Despite a nationwide crackdown on distracted driving, a new study finds teen texting “remains commonplace,” though the research also revealed that parents have a strong impact on the sort of risks young drivers take behind the wheel.

The study found that parents who don’t follow safe practices behind the wheel are likely to have children who also take risks. And that behavior is typically learned at a very young age.

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“Driver education begins the day a child’s car seat is turned around to face front,” said Dr. Tina Savor, a teen driving behavioral expert at Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center, or CSRC. “The one piece of advice I would give to parents to help them keep newly licensed drivers safe on the road it is to always be the driver you want your teen to be.”