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Excess Diesel Emissions Killing 38,000 Annually, Says New Report

Emissions tests fail to reflect real-world driving.

by on May.16, 2017

A new study reveals more than 38,000 people die around the world due to the pollutants that diesel engines emit into the air.

At least 38,000 people worldwide die each year because diesel vehicles routinely exceed emissions standards in real-world driving conditions, according to a new report published in the scientific journal Nature.

On average, diesel vehicles produce at least 50% more particulate soot, smog-causing oxides of nitrogen and other pollutants than would appear to be the case based on static emissions tests, the study revealed.

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“The consequences of excess diesel NOx emissions for public health are striking,” wrote Susan Anenberg of Environmental Health Analytics, one of the members of the team that conducted the new research study. (more…)

EPA Accuses VW of Cheating on Additional Diesel Models

Luxury products from Audi, Porsche also used “defeat devices,” feds charge.

by on Nov.02, 2015

The EPA claims VW also cheated on emissions tests involving luxury models like the Porsche Cayenne Diesel.

(The story has been updated to include a response to the EPA charges by Volkswagen.)

Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal was far broader than originally believed, according to allegations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA is now accusing the German maker of using a so-called “defeat devices,” software designed to fool government emissions tests, on a variety of luxury models from the Audi and Porsche brands. The announcement comes six weeks after the feds charged VW took steps to cover up excess emissions on 482,000 vehicles sold in the U.S. over a seven-year period.

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“We have clear evidence of these additional violations,” said Cynthia Giles, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “We thought it was important to put Volkswagen on notice and to inform the public,” she said during a conference call with reporters.


Diesel Scandal an “Existence-Threatening Crisis,” Concedes New VW Chairman

Many buyers likely to steer clear, warns survey.

by on Oct.05, 2015

VW is expected to formally name Hans Dieter Poetsch as its new chairman this week.

The company has halted sales of some of its most popular product lines and already set aside more than $7 billion, but that’s likely only the beginning of the problems facing Volkswagen AG as it struggles to deal with a scandal triggered by the revelation it knowingly cheated on diesel emissions testing.

The situation is serious enough that new VWAG Chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch is warning it could be an “existence-threatening crisis for the company.”

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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, VW sold 482,000 vehicles equipped with a so-called “defeat device” in the U.S., the maker acknowledging the suspect software was installed on 11 million vehicles sold worldwide over the last seven years. The disclosure has triggered a flood of class action lawsuits, potential criminal investigations and even a claim filed by Harris County, Texas for $100 million due to the potential environmental damage the cheating may have caused.


VW Diesel Scam Could Prove Deadly

Study warns higher pollution levels could kill up to 20 people annually.

by on Oct.05, 2015

Not-so-clean diesel? A VW Jetta TDI.

When the Texas county that includes Houston sued Volkswagen over its diesel emissions scam last week, skeptics criticized the move as little more than a political cash grab. But a statistical analysis suggests that Harris County may have at least something of a legitimate claim.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, VW used a so-called “defeat device,” software embedded in the computers used to control its 2.0-liter diesel engines, to help it pass government pollution tests. Otherwise, said the EPA, nearly 500,000 vehicles produced up to 40 times the allowable level of emissions such as smog-causing oxides of nitrogen.

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And over the past seven years, since VW began fitting its cars with the suspect WA 189 diesel engine, that added pollution could have led to as many as 94 deaths, or anywhere from five to 20 annually, according to a study Carnegie Mellon University conducted for the Associated Press.