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Acura Plans Major Brand Makeover

New NSX concept will share Detroit stage with next RDX and all-new ILX.

by on Dec.12, 2011

Acura will get a new face, and you'll see a lot less of the "shield" grille going forward.

Struggling to remain relevant in the increasingly competitive luxury car market, Acura will pull the wraps off three new models at next month’s Detroit Auto Show that will quite literally introduce a new face for Honda’s high-line brand.

The three offerings will cover the broad range of the future Acura line-up, with a long-awaited remake of the NSX supercar, an all-new entry-luxury sedan, dubbed ILX, and a prototype 5-passenger SUV that’s a thinly disguised version of the 2013 RDX crossover.

The three models will all but do away with the controversial “shield” grille used on today’s Acura models as the maker searches for a more appealing yet equally distinctive design language.  They will also begin the brand’s new push to position itself as the luxury segment’s fuel economy leader.

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In a background briefing, company officials said their goal is to regain the relevance Acura had in its early years when it was the first and only Japanese luxury brand. “The reality is while Acura started out as a luxury leader we didn’t capitalize on our brand,” acknowledged Jeff Conrad, Vice President of Acura Sales.