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Nissan Begins Re-Launch of Datsun Brand

by on May.24, 2013

Datsun is set to make its return with a launch in India next March.

Nissan will launch five new models as part of an ambitious plans to bring back the Datsun brand – which will make its debut in India, starting in March of 2014.

The re-introduction of the Datsun brand, which Nissan shelved in the early 1980s, is a key part of an effort by Nissan to boost its market share in South Asia, company officials said in Mumbai.  Nissan plans to expand its Indian dealer network from 95 to 145 outlets to coincide with the Datsun launch – and hopes to increase its market share there fivefold.

“Datsun is an important part of the heritage of Nissan,” said Ashwani Gupta, program director of Nissan’s newly-created Datsun Business Unit.

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“We will offer our customers in India modern and spirited cars that they will be happy and proud to own—at an affordable price,” added Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, who has said the Datsun brand’s launch plans will focus on “optimistic,” up-and-coming customers in high-growth emerging markets.


Is Datsun Name Being Revived?

Rumors suggest cast-off name could be used on new brand of Nissans for emerging markets.

by on Jul.05, 2011

Datsun: We Are Driven...again?

Is Nissan ready to revive the once-familiar Datsun nameplate?

That’s the word on the web, where various sources, including Japan’s Nikkei, and U.S. site, have been chattering about the possibility that the once-popular brand name will be brought back.  But don’t expect to see it on your next Z-car, it seems.  If the rumors prove accurate, the reborn Datsun will serve as a low-cost, entry-level brand in emerging markets like China or India.

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The name dates back to 1931, when the old DAT Motorcar Co. first used Datson to designate its low-end products, since “son” referred to small in Japanese.  When DAT was taken over by Nissan, in 1933, the name was maintained, albeit rewritten as Datsun, the more familiar spelling, since “son” also meant, “loss.”

With that spelling it became familiar as the export name for Japan’s second-largest automaker until 1982, when Nissan began phasing Datsun out and switching to its own badge.  The move was controversial and challenging, many analysts suggesting that consumer confusion led to years of decline for Nissan, which until recently slipped to the #3 spot behind its rival Honda.