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Fighting Car Hacking Growing into Big Business

New IHS study predicts revenues will push $750 million annually by 2023.

by on Sep.30, 2016

While connected cars offer plenty of conveniences, they're also targets for cyber attacks.

After being ignored for years, the cybersecurity of automobiles has become a major concern for carmakers and is now expected to grow quickly into a $759 million industry by 2023, according to a new study by IHS Automotive.

The IHS study noted one result of connected car growth – there are estimated 112 million connected vehicles on the road now – is that cars and trucks are now more susceptible to cyberattacks through the many wireless and wired connections.

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Hackers are getting more savvy in perpetrating cyberattacks – more easily and cost effectively – on connected vehicles, IHS concluded, noting that carmakers have increased their efforts to make systems more secure. (more…)

Bounty on Hacking Tesla Model S Underscores Cyber Auto Security Threat

Experts warn of growing opportunity for cyber assaults.

by on Jul.16, 2014

The recent challenge to computer hackers of $10,000 to the first who can break into Tesla's Model S controls has reignited concerns about cyber attacks on in-car computer systems.

With its digitally controlled battery-electric powertrain and a laptop computer-sized LCD screen operating everything from its climate control to its infotainment system, the Tesla Model S has more computing power than many homes or offices onboard – something that is making the sedan a tempting target for hackers.

In fact, those attending a high-tech conference in Beijing this week were offered a chance to nab a $10,000 bounty promised to the first to hack into a Model S. Whether they’ll succeed in remotely accessing the car’s 17-inch touchscreen display remains to be seen, but the growing reliance on technology in today’s cars is generating growing concerns about what that might mean if these systems are compromised.

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That was the central theme at a news conference this week in the Detroit suburb of Troy, Michigan, that brought together some leaders in cyber auto security. (more…)