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Mercedes Gives a Glimpse of New CLS

A hard act to follow.

by on Nov.20, 2017

A first teaser shot reveals some notable changes to the nose of the next Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Few cars have had a bigger impact on automotive design than the original Mercedes-Benz CLS which introduced the concept of coupe-like sedans that seemingly every automaker has now copied.

First launched for the 2005 model-year, Mercedes took a cautious approach with the gen-2 CLS, opting for evolution over revolution. Now, an all-new remake will be making its debut at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, and we’ve gotten two teaser images offering some hints of what to expect.

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We’ve done a little work with Photoshop to pull some details out of the shadows and reveal a bit more about the face of the Mercedes-Benz CLS. But what you see is what we got in terms of the interior detail shot. And if that’s any indication of what to expect, it’s likely the CLS cabin where we’ll be some of the most dramatic updates to the new CLS.


All-New Porsche Panamera Pics Leak out

2017 model gets lighter platform, new, more streamlined body.

by on Jun.24, 2016

A leaked pic of the 2017 Porsche Panamera.

Porsche has been dropping lots of hints as it prepares to formally unveil the newly redesigned Panamera next week. But it turns out you don’t have to wait for that online unveiling or the official public debut of the coup-like sports sedan at the Paris Motor Show later this year.

Along with the teaser images from Porsche, three grainy but quite revealing new pics wound up on Instagram and we’re offering readers a longer look.

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Porsche has never been shy about taking risks, whether introducing its first SUV, the Cayenne, or following with a distinctive, albeit controversial sports car sedan. The original Panamera was a true Porsche in terms of driving dynamics, but generated plenty of controversy over its bubble-back rear end.


Updated 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS Plays Peekaboo

Introduces new smart LED lighting system.

by on Jun.20, 2014

The visual changes are subtle, as Mercedes puts the emphasis on tech with the 2015 CLS.

Peekaboo. The new 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS can see you – thanks to a sophisticated new Multibeam LED headlamp system that can adapt to traffic, swivel around corners, and even anticipate the road ahead thanks to its camera and navigation systems.

From a styling standpoint, Mercedes largely stays with the swoopy shape that has made the CLS the benchmark in the coupe-like sedan segment. About the only notable exterior changes come with a revised bumper and larger air intakes.

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The focus of this mid-cycle update is on the technological side, but there fans will find plenty, from the new Multibeam LED lamps to the 8-inch infotainment display featuring the newest version of the Mercedes COMAND system.


Subaru Offers Tease of 2015 Legacy Sedan

Official Debut in Chicago on February 6th.

by on Jan.31, 2014

Subaru will bring out a new Legacy for 2015.

With just a week left until the Chicago Auto Show, Subaru is trying to drum up some interest in the upcoming launch of its fifth-generation Legacy sedan.

The maker has already rolled out a show car, the concept model revealed at the L.A. Auto Show last November offering a strong hint of what the production model will deliver to showrooms later this year.  So, what are the likely differences?

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A terse statement accompanying this teaser image suggests, “The all-new Legacy offers a sleeker, more coupe-like profile with a faster windshield rake angle and narrower A-pillars that create a sporty and modern sedan.”


Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Images Leak Out

NY debut planned for smallest performance Benz.

by on Mar.22, 2013

Mercedes will provide a first look at the new CLA 45 AMG next week in New York.

We’ll have to say “cpacebo” to the Russian website that has kindly jumped the embargo and leaked out images of the new CLA 45 AMG. Set to debut at the New York Auto Show next week, it will become the smallest performance model in the Mercedes-Benz line-up.

The coupe-like CLA will be joining Mercedes’ U.S. line-up later this year, and observers are expecting big things, despite its diminutive size, considering the sedan’s distinctive styling, range of standard features and a starting price of less than $30,000.

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But the CLA 45 AMG could target its own distinct niche among those who want an affordable luxury performance car.  It’s expected to be powered by a 355-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four. That will be mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.


Daimler Turns to Hungary for New CLA

Will be smallest Mercedes ever sold in US market.

by on Jan.29, 2013

Daimler CEO Deiter Zetsche introduced the Mercedes CLA-Class at a private press preview at the Detroit Auto Show.

Daimler AG has launched production of its newest model from a brand new plant in Hungary. Based on its compact A-Class platform, the new Mercedes-Benz CLA will become the smallest vehicle the German luxury maker has ever sold in the U.S. when it reaches American showrooms later this year.

The decision to produce the CLA at the new plant in Kecskemét, Hungary appears to be a critical step in holding down production costs on a vehicle that would be difficult to market in the U.S. and other parts of the world were it to come from Germany, analysts suggest.

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The CLA is the first model exclusively built in Kecskemét, but the plant’s second product along with the slightly larger Mercedes B-Class, which went into production last year for delivery to markets across Europe.


Downsized, Not Down-Market, Mercedes’ New CLA

Concept Style introduced at private press preview, but won't be shown on Mercedes' stand at the Detroit auto show.

by on Jan.13, 2013

Daimler Chairman Deiter Zetsche introduces the Mercedes CLA-Class at a private press preview at the Detroit Auto Show.

The automotive mantra, at least for Americans, has traditionally gone something like this: “bigger is better.” But that’s rapidly changing as motorists begin to downsize – both in mainstream and luxury segments of the market.

So, it seems Mercedes-Benz may have picked the perfect time to introduce the new CLA, the production version of the Concept Style show car it unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show last April. The new CLA250 made its debut Sunday night in advance of the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

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If the name sounds familiar, no surprise, as it is a downsized version of the popular Mercedes CLS, the German maker’s trend-setting Coupe-Like Sedan. The “A” signifies the second-generation Mercedes A-Class, meanwhile, the smallest product line in the marque’s portfolio.


First Look: BMW’s 4-Door, 6-Series Gran Coupe

The lines between coupe and sedan grow fuzzier.

by on Dec.12, 2011

BMW adds a coupe-like sedan to the 6-Series line-up for 2013.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to figure out where to classify some vehicles.  Take the new BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe.  By definition, a 6-Series has traditional been a 2-door, whether with a sweeping hardtop or convertible soft top.  So, what to make of the new BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe?

The latest entry into the 6-Series line-up will feature four doors and 4+1 seating, joining a rapidly expanding list of “coupe-like sedans,” such as the Mercedes-Benz CLS and Porsche Panamera.

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Set for introduction early this summer, the initial BMW 640i Gran Coupe will measure 197 inches, nose-to-tail, a modest 4.4 inches longer than its 2-door sibling – most of the added space devoted to the rear passengers, a good news considering the back seat of the conventional 6-Series coupe is little more than an afterthought.  To put things into perspective, the new Gran Coupe is precisely 4 inches longer than the BMW 5-Series – and also 1.3 inches wider and 2.8 inches lower.


More Mercedes-Benz CLS Photos Released

Low, coupe-like sedan could have – should have - been a Jag?

by on Sep.15, 2010

The new coupe-look sedan is trying to straddle the opposing fences of automotive design.

Ahead of its formal media debut at the Paris Motor Show on September 30, Mercedes has released more photos of its most emotionally styled sedan, the CLS. The public days follow on October 2 – 17.

While abandoning some of the flowing and rounded look of the original, the new flagship is trying to straddle the opposing fences of automotive design – curves versus angles.

Auto design has been in this cycle for decades, if not forever. Round it off, then square it off or combine the two – repeat.

The four-door coupe, of course, maintains its signature frame-less side glass and longitudinal accent lines that soar from front to rear, in an unacknowledged tribute to Detroit stylists who perfected the four-coupe coupe look in the 1950s, the Golden Age of American automobiles.

And there is nothing new under the German sun either, starting with the Benz ‘s recently exaggerated or over-sized tri-star on the grille, the long nose that sweeps back into a reclined windshield followed by the a low roof that recedes into a truncated trunk lid.

Ah, the inside straddle. At least one interior will have wood accents and lighter hues.

But the CLS is not about practicality, of course – rear head or trunk room are secondary to the look, one that was so successful that is being pursued by virtually all automakers in their current or future portfolios, from the Buick LaCrosse to various Jaguars, to Hyundai’s  Sonata and the Volkswagen CC, to name but a few. Cadillac stands alone in pursuing purer angles.

The interior of the new CLS has been upgraded, too, in a distinct departure with classic design, it echoes the current and widely copied German clichés by eschewing wood in the signature show car in favor of carbon fiber panels and cold Teutonic tones and chrome cues that could also be used on modern bathroom fixtures or Braun and Bosch appliances. On reflection, they in fact already are.

However, the latest interior shot released today shows lighter tones and wood accents as well in at least one version – a good thing in my view because the higher beltline will produce a cave-like effect inside.


First Look: 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS

German maker restyles its trend-setting coupe-like sedan.

by on Aug.23, 2010

Slated for a Paris Motor Show preview, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS

Few new entries have had more of an impact on automotive design, in recent years, than the Mercedes-Benz CLS.

The launch of the original coupe-like sedan, in 2003, not only added a little more emotion to the often Teutonically-stern Mercedes line-up, but also influenced the industry overall, with a growing number of makers – like Volkswagen, with the curvaceous CC – to adapt a more coupe-like look for their four-door offerings.

Can Daimler AG’s flagship brand maintain its first-mover advantage – and also resolve some of the problems with the original CLS?  It’s certainly going to try, as these advance photos of the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS suggest.

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Set for a formal debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, on September 30th, the initial appearance of the 2012 CLS is familiar, starting with the oversized tri-star logo, on the grille, the long nose sweeping back to an abbreviated rear deck.

The four-door coupe maintains its frameless side glass and the sweeping accent lines that race from front to rear.