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Images of VW CrossBlue Coupe Concept Leak Ahead of Shanghai Debut

2-door take on 3-row concept first seen in Detroit.

by on Apr.18, 2013

The VW CrossBlue Coupe Concept will debut in Shanghai over the weekend.

We’re still a couple days away from the weekend media previews at the Shanghai Auto Show but with plenty of new product and concept vehicles scheduled to debut there it’s probably no surprise to see a number of them start to leak out.  A day after we got an unauthorized look at the Mercedes GLA show car, we’ve now gotten a handful of renderings showing the Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe Concept.

If the name strikes a chord that’s because the German maker unveiled its earlier CrossBlue Concept – a seven-seat crossover – in Detroit earlier this year.

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While we’ll have to wait for VW to release full details – such as whether the Coupe Concept maintains or drops the original CrossBlue Concept’s three-row, 7-seat layout – it appears they share a common platform that measures in at 4.89 meters long and 2.02 meters wide. The wheelbase is 2.98 meters.


Honda Tries Again with Updated Crosstour

Honda hopes sales will double for more ute-like CUV.

by on Apr.05, 2012

Honda tries again with the 2013 update of its slow-selling Crosstour model.

Honda hopes to pump some new life into one of its most troubled product lines with a modest but much-needed update for 2013.

No longer linked to the maker’s mainstay Accord, Honda officials are hoping to see sales double for the 2013 Crosstour.  Of course, that starts off a low base.  While the maker presented an assortment of upbeat owner testimonials during the opening of its New York Auto Show preview, the previously named Accord Crosstour simply didn’t connect with the general public.

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As with the new RLX flagship introduced in New York by its up-market Acura brand (Click Here), Honda is calling the Crosstour on its stand a “concept,” though as with the Acura model, the Honda Crosstour show car “is very close to the product we’ll be bringing out this fall,” said Sage Marie.  The executive was a product planner on the program but recently shifted assignments and is now head of Honda public relations.


First Look: 2013 BMW X6

Subtle changes to a game-changer.

by on Jan.26, 2012

BMW's X6 gets some small but noticeable updates.

BMW’s updated X6 Sport Activity Vehicle was one of those proverbial game-changers that comes along only every so often but then has a significant influence on automotive design.  In this case, any number of competitors has raced to match the Bavarian maker’s quirky blend of sporty coupe and crossover/utility features.

Though decidedly controversial – generating both picks and pans among industry critics, the first-generation BMW X6 has clicked with consumers, selling more than 150,000 copies worldwide, including 20,000 here in the U.S., which the German maker insists “has far exceeded the original expectations.”

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So, the spotlight is on the update that will be rolling into showrooms this spring.  Not surprisingly, especially for a mid-cycle update, goes through some evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, changes. But they should nonetheless enhance the appeal of the sport-activity coupe.