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Car Insurance Costs Over a Lifetime Are Surprising

Insurance website study says insurance over an average person's lifetime will cost more than $84,000.

by on Feb.08, 2011

In your lifetime, you'll spend more than $84,000 paying for car insurance - enough money to buy a Porsche 911 with enough leftover for some pricey options.

A typical American will spend enough on car insurance to buy a Porsche 911 Carrera during their lifetime, according to a study released by

The website said the average U.S. driver will spend $84,388 insuring their car during their lifetime. That’s enough to buy a the $78,750 911, with enough left over to pick a few of  Porsche’s pricey options.

Your Automotive Source! based its analysis on quotes for drivers who first purchased insurance at age 21, married at 27, briefly insured two teens and stopped driving at age 75. The average premium includes drivers with all types of claims, accidents and other driving histories.