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HondaJet on Hold

Engine problems lead to 1-year delay.

by on Oct.11, 2011

The HondaJet is on hold while engineers scurry to solve a problem with its engines.

As if its problems with passenger car production and poor reviews for the latest Civic weren’t enough of a headache, Honda has been hammered again – though this time on the aircraft side of its business.

Problems with the new engine it has developed will force at least a one-year delay in the first delivery of its much-anticipated HondaJet business jet.

The problem is that ice ingested by the engine during ground simulations resulted in “very minor damage” and, perhaps worse, a slight loss in thrust, revealed Michimasa Fujino, the president of Honda Aircraft Co., during an industry conference in Las Vegas.

Fly on in!

The latest delay means the HondaJet won’t take the skies with its first customer until mid-2013, a delay from the planned third-quarter launch this year.  And that was a setback from earlier expectations.  Problems with suppliers shot down an earlier date of 2010.

“I regret that we have to convey this message today,” said Fujino, who noted customers had already been advised of the latest delay.  So far, Honda Aircraft has taken 100 orders.