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First Drive: Smart ForTwo Cabriolet

Is it hip enough for Brooklyn's hipsters?

by on Sep.28, 2016

Smart's new Fortwo Cabriolet offers an improved drivetrain and convenient drop top.

Brooklyn? It’s not the place you normally think of for testing out a new car, truck or crossover. We’re more likely to head into the hills, winding a circuitous path from San Diego to Palm Springs, or drifting through Napa and Sonoma wine country.

But it made perfect sense when we were invited to spend a couple days checking out the new Smart Fortwo Cabriolet winding through New York City’s hipster borough. The pint-sized Smart car is not the sort of vehicle you imagine romantically cruising the open road. But it’s well suited to squeezing through Brooklyn, its narrow and labyrinthine lanes packed so tightly it took us the better part of a day to clock just 38 miles.

Putting the Top Down!

The good news is that the fourth-generation Smart two-seater is better equipped than its predecessors at handling open roads. But the Fortwo, measuring barely 8.8 feet nose-to-tail, is most ideally suited to handling dense urban environments. That’s something that drivers in Paris and a number of other European cities have come to recognize. Might Americans, as well? (more…)