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Continental Scrambles to Keep Pace With Technology Changes

Cruising Chauffeur helps with self-driving systems.

by on Jul.14, 2017

Continental's Cruising Chauffeur is designed to make the transition from autonomous driving mode to an actual person driving easier.

The race to produce automated driving systems is in full swing, drawing high-tech startups, Silicon Valley giants, such as Google and Apple, traditional car makers, like Ford, and old-line suppliers, such as Delphi and Continental.

Not wanting to be left behind as the industry makes the transition to autonomous vehicles, Continental recently unveiled a new product that takes aim at the delicate transition from automation that assists drivers to fully automated vehicles that can actually pilot themselves through traffic under all sorts of conditions.

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“The Cruising Chauffeur brings a two-fold benefit when it comes to safety,” said Ralph Lauxmann, head of Systems & Technology in Continental’s Chassis & Safety division, who discussed the new technology features, which include a function that can stop and park the car if the driver is disabled. (more…)