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Toyota Dominates Consumer Reports’ Top Ten Cars for 2018 – But Genesis is Number One Brand

Chevy Bolt named Best Green Car; "further proof" EVs are ready for the mainstream, says CR.

by on Feb.22, 2018

The Genesis G90 is one of the vehicles garnering attention in this year's Consumer Reports auto guide.

Toyota, a brand long known for its long-term reliability, overwhelmingly dominates the 10-best list from Consumer Reports magazine, nabbing four of the spots on the influential publication’s annual list of the best vehicles on the market.

But CR’s annual auto issue had a number of surprises, including the appearance of the Chevrolet Bolt battery-car among the industry’s best models. Equally unexpected was the debut of Genesis as the top-ranked luxury brand overall, the South Korean marque toppling Audi as the highest-ranked luxury brand.

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“Not many car brands have what it takes to deliver consistent quality across several models and through multiple new launches or redesigns,” said Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ director of Automotive Testing. (more…)

Tesla, Porsche and Genesis Top CR Owner Satisfaction Study

Consumer Reports takes cover off 2018 Owner Satisfaction Survey.

by on Dec.22, 2017

Tesla owners are the most satisfied of all vehicle brand owners, according to a new Consumer Reports survey.

It’s the time of year for parties and if you stand around long enough, beverage and hors d’oeuvres in hand, talk will invariably turn to cars. Generally, this chatter centers on “what do you drive” and “how do you like it?”

Well, it would seem if someone at the party owns a Tesla, Porsche or Genesis, they’re going to fancy their vehicle the most, according to Consumer Reports’ 2018 Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey.

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Oddly, none of those three brands were even ranked last year. The biggest surprise may be Chrysler, which ranked fourth, up four spots from last year. Its FCA siblings are often panned in quality and satisfaction studies, but Chrysler appears to be immune to those criticisms. (more…)

Consumer Reports Offers Up 2016 ‘Bottom Picks’

Low-rated vehicles may have the best incentives, mag warns.

by on Mar.30, 2016

The 2016 Mitsubishi Mirage made the list of Consumer Reports "Bottom Picks." It's lowest-rated subcompact.

Recent sales figures show that U.S. buyers don’t seem to be having any real problem getting out to dealer lots and plunking down big cash on new rides.

Sales figures for the first quarter of the year have the auto industry tracking for another record year, although some softness in March may temper that prediction a bit.

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With gas prices low, large vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, are still appealing to buyers. However, not everyone is in the market or has the budget for a fully loaded, $45k behemoth. Many buyers are searching for value for their hard-earned dollars. (more…)

Less Than Perfect: Consumer Reports Worst Four Vehicles

Magazine flogs cellar dwelling 2015 models.

by on Sep.02, 2015

The Chrysler 200 was rated one of the four worst vehicles in 2015 by Consumer Reports.

Lost in all the fanfare surrounding Consumer Reports awarding a perfect score to the Tesla Model S in its recent listing of best vehicles is the fact that there is a bottom of the list and the cellar dwellers may be surprising.

The four worst vehicles for 2015 are: Chrysler 200, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Lexus 200t/300h and Kia Sedona. The magazine separated these four vehicles from the pack in its annual analysis of new vehicle releases.

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The 200 may be the most disappointing to see on the list as it’s substantially better than the 200 it replaces. However, once you get past the dramatically improved styling and quality improvements, buyers are saddled with a “raspy” four cylinder engine, a balky transmission and a “klutzy” handling package. Editors also noted the back seat is not large enough to be comfortable for adults. (more…)

Tesla Takes Consumer Reports Top Spot – Again

Magazine names Model S “Best Overall” for second year in a row.

by on Feb.24, 2015

Tesla's Model S took the title of Best Overall vehicle in Consumer Reports' latest ratings.

For the second year in a row, the Tesla Model S captured Consumer Reports best overall vehicle award by scoring 99 out of 100 points in the magazine’s annual review of vehicles.

Tesla’s top-of-the-line electric vehicle, which was named the best model for 2014 too, couldn’t be overtaken by any of the new entries.

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“For all of the impressive new vehicles released in 2014, none was able to eclipse the innovation, magnificence and sheer technological arrogance of the Tesla,” according to the magazine. “That’s why it’s our best overall pick for the second consecutive year.” (more…)

Hyundai Tells Drivers to Park 2015 Sonata

Major brake problem forces recall; Toyota pressured to recall Camrys.

by on Jul.30, 2014

The 2015 Hyundai Sonata's being recalled for the second time since its introduction. This action involves faulty brakes.

Hyundai issued its second recall on its 2015 Sonata and ordered drivers to park the newly introduced sedan due to a problem with its brakes. At the same time, the pressure on Toyota to do the same with thousands of Camrys is ramping up.

The South Korean automaker is recalling 5,700 Sonatas built from April 25 to June 16 due to a manufacturing error that may cause either or both of the front brake calipers to fracture making it more difficult to stop the car. The fix requires replacement of the faulty brake calipers.

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Hyundai recalled the Sonata last month for a faulty wiring harness that could limit the effectiveness of the power steering. (more…)

The Consumer Reports List To Avoid: Worst Vehicles

Magazine chronicles problem vehicles in all categories.

by on Feb.26, 2014

Taurus adds Torque Vectoring Control, which uses smart brake control to help the car smoothly accelerate through curves, which helps build confidence for drivers.

Consumer Reports cited the Ford Taurus as car to avoid due to reliability issues and a lack of interior space.

Annually, potential car buyers, industry observers and executives await Consumer Reports’ top picks for the year. What the list shows is there are plenty of great cars and trucks to choose from; however, the magazine doesn’t stop there.

While it doesn’t take long for everyone to figure out the mag thinks that Tesla’s Model S is the best car – maybe ever – and that the Dodge Ram is pushing to make the full-size pickup race a three-truck competition, there is a side of the industry that tends to get pushed by the wayside.

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The pub also creates a list of vehicles to avoid. Some on the list are not a shock, such as the Mitsubishi Lancer, but others are a bit of a surprise, including the Land Rover Evoque. (more…)