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Study Says 39% Of Americans Considering Hybrid Or Plug-In

But will they actually buy one?

by on Oct.28, 2010

Consumers are charged up about battery vehicles, but will they actually buy one?

American motorists: (will buy electric vehicles)…(won’t buy electric vehicles)…(don’t even know what electric vehicles are).

If that lead seems confusing, don’t worry, a spate of new surveys suggests you’re not alone.

Earlier this week, the well-respected J.D. Power and Associates predicted battery-based vehicles will be largely ignored for at least the next decade, accounting for no more than 7% of the global market by 2020.  But now, a new report from the equally well-regarded Consumer Reports says that 39% of American motorists will consider a hybrid, plug-in or battery-electric vehicle the next time they go shopping.

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Among the CR survey’s other findings:

  • 63% of the respondents said they travel less than 40 miles a day, which would make them candidates for both battery cars and plug-ins, like the Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt, respectively;
  • 51% said being green is an increasingly important factor in their car buying decisions;
  • Even so, quality, price and value are more important factors, being environmentally-friendly ranked only 11th of 12 factors on the CR survey;
  • Among the 39% who are considering some form of battery power, 60% are leaning in favor of a conventional hybrid, while the rest are looking at some more advanced technology.