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Honda Tells Dealers, Clear Out Old Civic for “Emergency Refresh”

Early update aimed at resolving compact's many problems.

by on Oct.23, 2012

Honda will have an "emergency refresh" of the Civic in showrooms several years earlier than the normal mid-cycle update.

Honda will reveal an “emergency refresh” of its much-faulted Civic model next month, likely at the annual L.A. Auto Show, hoping to address the numerous problems that generated a critical drubbing of the long-popular Civic after its 2011 redesign.

In the meantime, the maker is pressing dealers to clear out leftover 2012 Civics as quickly as possible because the coming update will make it “a difficult model (to) sell,” according to an exclusive report by

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The irony is that despite taking hits from many reviewers – including some downright hostile words from normally Honda-friendly Consumer Reports – the current Civic, flaws and all, has continued to be a strong force in the U.S. market.


First Look: European Honda Civic

Funkier design could score better than American model.

by on Sep.13, 2011

Honda takes a "revolutionary evolutionary" approach to the European version of its new Civic subcompact.

Product planners are always struggling to decide whether to stick with a successful design when it comes time for an update or whether to go with something more radical.  With the all-new Honda Civic going into production for the European market, the Japanese maker has apparently decided to strike a balance between cautious and outrageous.

Or so said the maker’s global CEO Takanobu Ito, during a Frankfurt Motor Show preview, where he described the 2012 Civic remake as “a revolutionary evolutionary” design that leaps “two generations ahead of our current model.

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It remains to be seen if critics and customers agree, though the initial reaction to the European version of the Honda Civic is decidedly more positive than the reception the maker received for the American Civic subcompact, launched earlier this year.


Consumer Reports Pulls Recommended Buy on 2012 Honda Civic

“Scores too low,” says influential publication, echoing extensive criticism of redesign.

by on Aug.01, 2011

Already battered by poor reviews, the 2012 Honda Civic has now lost its Recommended Buy endorsement from Consumer Reports magazine.

Already battered by both weak reviews and production problems that have led to shortages of the latest redesign, the influential Consumer Reports magazine has pulled its recommendation of the 2012 Honda Civic which “scored too low” in its latest shoot-out among compact cars.

The news is another setback for the third-largest Japanese automaker, which had been counting on the 2012 Civic to overcome recent problems with various niche offerings, such as the Insight hybrid and Accord CrossTour.


In an increasingly competitive compact segment, the 2012 Honda Civic scored what the magazine described as a “mediocre” 61 points, down 17 points from the score of 78 for the previous-generation Civic.

“While other models like the Hyundai Elantra have gotten better after being redesigned, the Civic has dropped so much that now it ranks near the bottom of its category,” said David Champion, Consumer Reports’ lead auto tester.