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A Round-Up of Geneva Motor Show Previews: From Aston to Volvo, Lots of Major New Product

SUVs gain traction at the annual Swiss show – but so do battery-cars.

by on Mar.06, 2018

The new Aston Martin Vantage has been basically rebuilt from the ground up, sharing little with its predecessor.

With the 2018 auto show season beginning to wrap up, automakers and automotive journalists have made their pilgrimage to Geneva.

The annual Geneva International Motor Show has carried on the Swiss tradition of neutrality, no national automotive industry dominating the floor at the sprawling PAL Expo Convention Center. GIMS has a reputation for revealing some while and wacky specialty products, in fact, but virtually every major manufacturer is there with something significant to introduce.

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This year underscores the fragmentation of the global auto market, with those carmakers rolling out a raft of SUVs, as well as more traditional sedans, coupes and hatchbacks. And along with classic gas and diesel models, electrified offerings are filling the show’s stands – one marque unveiling a 2,000 hp electric hypercar. So, here’s a look at the most significant models on display at the 2018 Geneva show. (more…)

Live from the Geneva Motor Show!

Sports cars revving up the event’s appeal.

by on Mar.03, 2015

The 85th Geneva Motor Show is done and its more than 130 worldwide or European debuts of luxury marques, exotic sports cars and cutting-edge compacts are over. But even as makers are packing up their alternative fuel vehicles, battery-cars, diesels and hydrogen vehicles at the Swiss show, news is still being made. is keeping its journalistic finger on the pulse of the attendees and their products.

Don’t miss out on’s extensive and ongoing coverage. So, check in often for more from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.


Toyota Teases C-HR Crossover Concept

"Innovative vision" could signal new Scion cute-ute.

by on Sep.16, 2014

Toyota offers up a teaser silhouette of the C-HR concept crossover coming to the Paris Motor Show.

Toyota helped define the small crossover when it launched the original RAV4 two decades ago. Now it’s apparently getting ready to take things a step further with the “innovative vision for a compact crossover” it will introduce at the Paris Motor Show in less than a month.

The Japanese reveals the new model has been dubbed the C-HR, and it’s offering up this teaser silhouette image, but beyond a few gushing platitudes, it is providing few specific details.

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Among other things, we learn from its news release, the Toyota C-HR marries “a new design language with an engaging driving experience and a hybrid powertrain.”


First Look: Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan

Compact family car concept updates outgoing Golf Plus.

by on Sep.09, 2013

VW's Golf Sportsvan Concept gives a good hint of what's to come with the Golf Plus successor.

It’s going to be a busy week in Frankfurt as automakers from around the world roll out some of their hottest new products to kick off the new model-year. And nobody is going to be busier than the Volkswagen Group which will hold its annual group event Monday night offering attending media a first glimpse at a good dozen of those new offerings – at least one from each of the German maker’s myriad brands.

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Among the more intriguing models will be the Golf Sportsvan concept. Don’t let the show car designation fool you, however, as this is a very, very thinly disguised version of the production people-mover that will soon replace the outgoing Golf Plus.

It’s part of the Volkswagen strategy to flood the market with all manner of body styles filling in every possible niche segment – the Sportsvan set to become the third body variant off the all-new VW Golf that has become a slam dunk in an otherwise struggling European auto market.


Jaguar C-X17 Concept Hints at First CUV

British maker continues to expand its reach.

by on Sep.03, 2013

Jaguar will reveal the C-X17 concept at Frankfurt - but could the production version be far behind?

Jaguar could be ready to make a major shift in direction, at least if the C-X17 concept vehicle it plans to unleash at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show is any indication.

The British automaker has long restricted itself to a narrow niche of luxury sedans, coupes and sports cars, only reluctantly adding a pair of wagons over the previous decade.  But the Jaguar C-X17 suggests that a new crossover-utility vehicle may finally be in the works, a belated concession that the highline automotive market has rapidly transformed itself in recent years, bigger competitors such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz racing to fill in every possible niche.

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According to a terse release accompanying this teaser image, “The C-X17 has been created as a design study to introduce Jaguar’s new, highly-advanced, modular aluminum architecture.  The concept illustrates the diversity of vehicles that could be produced using this architecture, which underpins the innovative future of the Jaguar brand.”


First Look: Kia Track’ster Concept

Koreans go California dreaming.

by on Feb.02, 2012

A hint of the next Kia Soul?

It’s no surprise when folks go California dreaming during the middle of a Midwest Winter. But Kia has something substantial to show for its efforts – in the form of the new Track’ster Concept it plans to unveil at next week’s Chicago Auto Show.

Might we be getting a hint of the next-generation Kia Soul as we look at this preliminary sketch which teases the prototype designed at Kia’s advanced design studio in Southern California?  Very possibly, if this statement from the maker is any indication.

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“The Track’ster is the California design team’s dream of what a performance-inspired Soul could be. If Soul is our rock star, Track’ster is its heavy metal companion. The idea behind Track’ster was to build a thought-provoking concept about what the Soul could someday be.”


First Look: Rinspeed’s Over-the-top Dock+Go Concept

A “backpack on wheels.”

by on Dec.07, 2011

Rinspeed's "backpack on wheels," the Dock+Go concept, will debut in Geneva.

Leave it to Frank Rinderknecht and his team of over-the-edge designers at Switzerland’s Rinspeed.  They’ve come up with a two-piece concept vehicle that they liken to a “backpack on wheels.”

Whenever a release from Rinspeed crosses the digital transom you can expect something unusual.  The design house has come up with submersible cars, cars that slip into specially designed trains and all manner of other off-the-wall transportation concepts.  The latest fits that reputation.

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But, surprisingly, the Dock+Go isn’t entirely original.  Chrysler offered up its own version of a two-part show car two decades ago, one that functioned like a minivan with the stowable rear unit attached.  But throw a few levers and it released a small minicar up front.

With the Rinspeed Dock+Go, the main part of the concept is a battery-powered city car that should seem familiar – a Smart fortwo.  A variety of “backpacks,” riding a single axle, can be paired up, depending on personal needs.


Nissan Hints it May Build Off-the-Wall Pivo 3

Simplifying urban driving.

by on Dec.02, 2011

Nissan hints there's a future for Pivo 3.

In keeping with Tokyo Motor Show tradition, Nissan has, over the years, introduced an assortment of odd and unusual concept vehicles.  Yet, it has also had a history of putting some of the more promising ones into production, including a series of so-called “Pike Cars,” like the snail-shaped S-Cargo.

So, as the maker displays the third in a series of show cars dubbed Pivo perhaps it’s no wonder why folks are wondering whether the Nissan Pivo 3 just might also make the jump from concept to production.

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The latest to get the Pivo name since 2005, this year’s Nissan Pivo 3 concept targets the emerging market for so-called Urban Mobility Vehicles, micro-sized vehicles that can navigate the crowded streets of cities like Tokyo, Beijing, London, perhaps even New York, and leave an environmental footprint even smaller than the vehicle itself.

“This is not just a show car,” the maker suggested, adding that, “PIVO 3 is what Nissan envisions to be a more ‘realistic’ EV of the near future.”


What to Look For at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Updated: Our guide to the biennial event’s biggest unveilings -- and absences.

by on Nov.29, 2011

The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show opened its doors to thousands of media with some significant news coming out of the biennial event – even though Detroit’s Big Three and a number of other foreign makers decided to sit on the sidelines this time ‘round.

The Tokyo Motor Show has a history of revealing some wild, weird and wacky concept vehicles and that’s expected to continue this year but the emphasis has been shifting to production models – as at other global auto shows.  The concepts that will be on display will be more likely, this year, to hint at technology that very well could be brought to production in the not-too-distant future.

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The 2009 Tokyo Motor Show was widely considered a dud, and with so many makers boycotting the 2011 event the eyes of the industry will be looking closely to see if organizers have been able to regain at least some momentum.  Otherwise, this could be the last truly global auto show for Tokyo – especially with the motor shows in Beijing and Shanghai becoming increasingly large and important every year.

So, what might you find if you could mingle with the media this week at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center? Here’s our now-updated guide to some of the most significant previews.


Suzuki Opts for Wild and Wacky at Tokyo Show

Maker gets retro-futuristic with compact Regina show car.

by on Nov.11, 2011

Suzuki's Regina concept upholds a tradition of unveiling some truly wacky show cars during the biennial Tokyo Motor Show.

For a brief moment, following Japan’s March 11 earthquake and tsunami, there were fears this year’s Tokyo Motor Show might not happen.  It didn’t help that even before the disaster most foreign manufacturers said they’d pull out of the event citing routinely weak import car sales.

The biennial even is back on the calendar, it turns out, and when it opens its doors, early next month, the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show will do what it is often best known for: showcase some of the wildest and wacky concept vehicles ever put on wheels – such as the new Suzuki Regina concept.

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Though it clearly adopts some modern aerodynamic detailing, the compact Suzuki show car strikes the sort of retro-futuristic theme that has often fascinated designers preparing for the Tokyo Motor Show – and led to such distinctive designs as the old Nissan Figaro and snail-like S-Cargo.