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Ford Ranger Rebirth Spotted?

A four door, small truck is testing on public roads in Michigan.

by on Jun.09, 2010

Imports instead of local assembly will be a contentious issue with the UAW.

I spotted it tooling down I-94, what looked to be a new, smallish Ford Truck. The pickup was camouflaged, but the distinctive Ford grille was clearly visible through the netting over the front of the vehicle.

The truck had four doors, something long missing from the long-lived Ford Ranger, and a shortish cargo box so the rear-half of the truck looked a bit like a Chevrolet Avalanche.

However, even under the camouflage, the greenhouse had a certain jaunty appeal as the tumblehome – the inward slant of the driver and passenger-side windows – was quite pronounced and set off by a sharp crease, running from the rear of the cabin almost to the front wheel-wheels.

The truck’s track or width was relatively narrow so driver and passenger seats were pushed in closer together. The height of the mystery truck was not as tall as the F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado and the step in height was shorter.