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Hagerty’s Hot List: The 10 Most Collectible Cars of 2015

Price isn’t the biggest factor in making the list.

by on Mar.09, 2015

The first 500 Alfa Romeo 4Cs sold in the U.S. get the "Launch Edition" name, becoming an instant collectible.

Most cars are just basic transportation, but a few transcend the moment. Oh, to have bought – and kept – a 1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird, a 2003 Ford GT or a Ferrari 250 GTO.

If you’re looking to buy a new car this year but want to get something that won’t be just another commodity, losing value every year until it’s time to trade in or, worse, send it off to the junkyard, McKeel Hagerty, head of the leading classic car insurance company, puts together an annual list of the new models most likely to become collectibles.

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“They all have some characteristics that are shared by the great collectible cars” of years past, says the CEO of Hagerty Insurance. (more…)

The Top 10 Future Collectible Cars

Hagerty names the best at under $100,000.

by on Jan.08, 2014

Topping this year's list of future collectibles is the Jaguar F-Type R, the new coupe has been described as the “spiritual successor” to the British maker’s legendary E-Type.

Walk into a showroom, plunk down your money and within a few years that new car will likely be worth a fraction of what you paid. Or so it goes with most vehicles, but there are a handful of models that will defy the aging process only to become collectibles that buyers not only covet but that they’ll be willing to pay a premium for.

How do you sort out the mundane from the someday rare and unique? It helps if you know someone like McKeel Hagerty, the president and CEO of the eponymous Hagerty Insurance and a recognized expert in the car collector world. For those who don’t know McKeel on a first-name basis, no problem. He’s offering up his annual Hot List, a guide to the vehicles – notably priced at under $100,000 – that are most likely to be tomorrow’s collectibles.

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“Most new car news focuses on the latest interactive technology, alternative power sources, and the race to increased efficiency,” Hagerty explains. “But for a car to be collectible in the future, it has to be cool right off the assembly line. A collectible car has to grab you and not let you go.” (more…)

The 10 Most Collectible Cars for 2013

Hagerty Hot List picks most likely classics in 20 years.

by on Feb.04, 2013

The reborn SRT Viper, (shown with the old Dodge version), is the most expensive model on the 2013 Hagerty Hot List.

It’s been a good year for classic car collectors – and even better for those who have put their cars up for auction.  All sorts of records fell during the annual gathering of collectors in Scottsdale, Arizona last month and observers expect to see even more tumble in the months to come.

There are some vehicles, like early-model Ferraris and rare ‘60s muscle cars, that always seem to command a high price when the gavel comes down. But there are plenty of other collectible models that also do well for owners.

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So, if you’re looking to buy a new car not just to drive it today but perhaps to have a collectible 20 years from now, how do you know what to pick? That’s where the Hagerty Hot List comes in. It’s the work of Hagerty Insurance, one of the industry leaders in providing coverage for classic cars. And the list is designed to provide a tip sheet on reasonably affordable vehicles from the 2013 model-year that are likely to be in high demand 20 years from now.


Top 10 Future Collector Cars Under $100,000

Surprisingly, domestic cars dominate.

by on Jan.26, 2012

"Not your granfather's Buick," the Regal GS joins the "Hot List" of current collectibles including the likes of the Porsch 911 and Nissan GT-R Black Edition.

Those of us who’ve driving long enough will likely recall “the one that got away,” the Jaguar E-Type or split-window Chevrolet Corvette that we coulda-shoulda hung onto because today it’s a hot ticket on the collector car circuit.

But what about the cars on the road today?  Are there some models that are more likely to become collectible than others a couple decades from now?  Absolutely, says our friend McKeel Hagerty, the head of collector car insurance specialists Hagerty Insurance and a go-to guy when it comes to spotting classic car trends in the making.

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The fact is that those trends are rapidly evolving, and what one generation considers hot the next generation might not.  The trend in recent years has been favoring muscle cars and other ‘60s classics, but, as we recently reported on, three new segments to watch are classic pickups, early Japanese imports, like the original Honda S800, and classic motorcycles.

But what are the cars you can buy today and count on being collectible tomorrow? The Hot List may surprise you.


Picking Tomorrow’s Top Collector Cars

Hagerty identifies “emerging collectibles.”

by on Jan.20, 2012

The new collector car? An original Honda S800.

Okay, just maybe a Saab 9-4X might turn out to be something rare a decade from now considering how few rolled off the assembly line before the Swedish automaker went belly-up. But we’re having a hard time believing that something from the final year of the Pontiac Aztek will ever count as having a “collector car” in your garage.

The reality is that there are an awful lot of different products on the market, and plenty more used vehicles you can choose from.  So, if you were really interested in starting a hobby as a collector – and didn’t have a seven-figure nest egg to tap – where would you begin.

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Luckily, we’ve got some friends in the right places, notably including McKeel Hagerty, the CEO of Hagerty Insurance, to lend some help.  Don’t bother to question his bona fides.  His firm is one of the largest in the business serving automotive collectors and that means he’s got the data to show what’s trending up.