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Revisiting the Honda Civic Hybrid

Beauty is in the eyes – and pocketbook – of the beholder.

by on Dec.12, 2011

The 2012 Civic Hybrid continues to use Honda's "mild" IMA hybrid system.

You can barely read the auto section of your local newspaper, never mind the enthusiast magazines, without getting immersed in the new world of “electrification.”  That is, of course, a fancy term for what most folks would call battery power.  And regular readers of know that I’ve been making it a point to look at some of the latest offerings to use batteries in their bid to go clean and green.

This time, however, I wanted to spend some time with a relatively conventional HEV model, rather than a pure “BEV” or “PHEV.”  And, oh yeah, in case you’ve forgotten, a PHEV is a plug-in hybrid, a BEV is battery-only which means it has to be pluggable, and HEV is hybrid gas+electric power.

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So, here is a closer look at my time behind the wheel of the latest-generation Honda Civic Hybrid.  My fellow auto scribes have been beating up on Honda’s newest Civic because they perceive the interior trim doesn’t meet their collective mob standards. Well, most of them have a lot more opportunity than I do to eyeball all the competitors in the 2011/12 market place, so I can’t really challenge them on their views.