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First Look: 2011 Chrysler 200

Midsized model to replace much-maligned Sebring.

by on Oct.12, 2010

Chrysler releases the first detailed pictures of the new 200 midsize sedan.

Chrysler has released the first full pictures of the 200 sedan, a new midsize offering that will replace the much-maligned Chrysler Sebring.

The upcoming launch of the Chrysler 200 marks a critical step in the planned revival of the Detroit automaker, which went through bankruptcy last year, emerging only with the help of a massive government bailout – which, in turn, was based on the U.S. maker’s effective takeover by Italy’s Fiat Automotive.

The once-popular Sebring largely crashed and burned following an ill-fated redesign a few years back.  Though it can cost as much as $100 million to launch an all-new nameplate, Chrysler officials decided they needed to start fresh and initially planned to name the redesigned sedan Nassau, in honor of a popular concept vehicle.

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But ultimately, they shifted gears and went with the Chrysler 200, a logical progression as the little brother of the brand’s full-size 300 sedan.

The new 200 will have a relatively short shelf-life, however, as it will be replaced, in several years, by a ground-up alternative sharing one of Fiat’s global platforms.  But the 2011 200 gives a good indication of where the brand is now going.


Sebring Name Survives

Chrysler thinks twice about Nassau name change.

by on May.10, 2010

Chrysler apparently will stick with the Sebring name despite the failures of the current model, shown here at its 2007 model-year launch.

Chrysler Group LLC has apparently had some second thoughts about replacing the Sebring name.  Despite a flurry of speculation in the press that the name was history, the change from Sebring to Nassau has been scuttled.

Instead it now appears, after  some internal debate, Chrysler is prepared to keep the Sebring badhr around  for at least a little while longer, according to one inside source with first-hand knowledge of the naming  debate.

“As of last week, the name was still Sebring,” the source said.

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The proposed name change was widely reported but was never confirmed officially by anyone at Chrysler after the stories first appeared. Insiders indicated that the “new” Chryler had hoped to make a break with the past, a strategy that seemed simple and logical considering the abject failure of the latest-generation midsize sedans and convertibles, a product of a now-abandoned joint venture between Chrysler and Japan’s Mitsubishi.


New Name, New Look For Chrysler’s Midsize

Sebring soon to make way for new Nassau.

by on Apr.29, 2010

The look of the 2007 Chrysler Nassau concept will influence the next-generation midsize sedan, but the 2012 Chrysler Nassau won't be its clone.

The “new” Chrysler is likely to look but sound a lot different from the old version of the automaker.  Indications of the grand transformation conceived by Chrysler’s new and secretive CEO Sergio Marchionne will start coming into view later this year.

In the months to come, the market will get its first look at new versions of both the Jeep Grand Cherokee, as well as the Chrysler Sebring.  The SUV will be new almost from  the ground up, but while the revised version of the midsize sedan is largely a re-skinning, it will also get a brand new name: Nassau.

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The move is a critical one, say analysts, in cutting the company’s ties to failed past products.  Once a strong part of the Chrysler line-up, the most recent version of the Sebring was a market disaster, an ill-fated execution that emerged from a now-abandoned partnership with the struggling Japanese maker, Mitsubishi Motors.