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Chrysler dives below the radar at Detroit show.

No fancy news events at the NAIAS; in fact no events at all.

by on Dec.23, 2009

Chrysler has a history of staging wild news events at the NAIAS. This year the automaker will be a no-show during press days.

Chrysler Group LLC has confirmed that it won’t host a press conference at the 2010 North American International Auto Show

Chrysler Group traditionally has used the annual Detroit Auto Show for some eye-catching – and expensive stunts – such as dropping a new Ram pickup from the Cobo Hall ceiling, smashing Jeeps through the conference center’s plate glass windows, staging a skit with leaping minivans and even, two years ago, staging a fake cattle drive, complete with cowboys, up busy Washington Boulevard, outside the exhibit hall.

Even in early 2009 when the company was living on federal aid, the company managed to display an array of high-tech concept cars driven by batteries instead of internal combustion engine.

For the first time ever, Chrysler does not plan to hold any kind of press event at the upcoming Detroit Show, spokesman Rick Deneau said.

No Bull!

“We are not going to have a press conference,” Deneau confirmed. “We wanted to be respectful of everyone’s time. Mr. Marchionne is a very practical guy.  We didn’t have anything to show,” he said, referring to Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler’s new chief executive officer.