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Chrysler Planning Car, Truck, Crossover Blitz

Maker expects to introduce 47 new or refreshed models over next four years.

by on Jan.31, 2013

A US version of the Alfa Romeo 4C will be one of the 47 new products coming from Fiat/Chrysler.

The only domestic automaker to gain market share in 2012, Chrysler is betting it will need a new product blitz to keep its momentum going.

And it has plenty of new cars, trucks and crossovers on the drawing board – 47 all-new or significantly refreshed models coming to market over the next four years, according to CEO Sergio Marchionne, including six from the Italian Alfa Romeo brand which is scheduled to make its return to the U.S. market late in 2013.

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“We are overspending, and we understand this. But we are doing this with a very clear agenda and a very clear intent,” Marchionne said during a conference call with analysts and reporters. “We’ve earned a lot of goodwill by providing a dramatic improvement in the quality of our products and by launching what we have launched. I still think that we need to continue to pound the ground.”


Marchionne to Outline Chrysler Plans

Aims to address skeptics.

by on Apr.19, 2010

Can CEO Sergio Marchionne convince skeptics that Chrysler and Fiat have a solid plan in place?

These days, more and more folks talk about the “Big Two,” General Motors and Chrysler, underscoring the growing sense of skepticism about Chrysler’s long-term viability.

But that’s one of the key issues that will be addressed – though not necessarily reversed – at a meeting in Turin, Italy, on Thursday.  The man in the spotlight will be Sergio Marchionne, who serves as CEO of both Chrysler and the Italian automaker Fiat, which took control of the U.S. company after it emerged from bankruptcy, last year.

The event, at Fiat’s global headquarters, will give the Canadian-educated Marchionne a chance to lay out his 5-year plan for not only the Italian maker and its various European subsidiaries – including Alfa-Romeo, Lancia, Ferrari and Maserati – but also how the Fiat Group will fit into Chrysler’s future.

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Among other things, that will mean a stepped-up presence for the U.S. maker abroad, as well as the hoped-for return of Alfa to North America, a market it abandoned two decades ago.