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Qoros: Chinese-Israeli Partners Aim to Challenge Auto Industry’s Established Order

Europe key, but will U.S. remain “secondary” to Qoros’ plans?

by on Mar.14, 2013

The Qoros 3 on display in Geneva.

It’s the world’s biggest car market, yet, when it comes to fully-assembled automotive exports, China is little more than a minor player.  But a new and unusual consortium pairing one of the Asian nation’s more ambitious domestic makers with an Israeli billionaire hopes to convince buyers around the world that Chinese cars don’t have to be cheap, shoddy and unsafe.

The product of a 50/50 joint venture between Chery Automobile and Idan Ofer’s Israel Corp., Shanghai-based Qoros Auto Co., Ltd. Made a splashy debut at this month’s Geneva Motor Show with a trio of concept vehicles it has spent the last five years pulling together.

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While Chery is one of China’s largest homegrown brands, the partners decided to reach outside for help in crafting a product line-up that could compete on a global scale. That was a costly but potentially significant decision considering that the current crop of domestic Chinese products don’t stack up well against the offerings of the established automotive order, whether from Honda, Hyundai, Chevrolet or Volkswagen.


Chinese Auto Exports Ramping Up

Canada to get Honda Fit, but nothing planned for U.S. – yet.

by on Dec.22, 2011

Honda plans to export the Fit subcompact from China to Canada -- at least temporarily.

The Honda Fit delivers the best value of any model on the market, declares Consumer Reports.

With the domestic market starting to show signs of a slowdown perhaps it should come as no surprise that China’s automakers are ramping up plans to export product to other parts of Asia, Europe and now, even North America.

Honda will soon begin shipping the subcompact Fit from its plant in southern China to Canada – though there are currently no plans to bring any of those products into the U.S.  That’s not necessarily surprising as that could generate a harsh response considering China this month said it plans to enact stiff no tariffs on American-made automobiles.

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Honda isn’t alone.  Mercedes-Benz and BMW have also announced plans to export product from China.  And some of that country’s local makers are openly laying out plans for a global assault – including the battery car maker BYD, which recently opened up an office in Los Angeles.