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U.S. Warns Car Heat Sensors Not Effective Enough to Save Kids

Devices are prone to problems.

by on Jul.31, 2012

Devices like the Child Minder Smart Pad just aren't effective enough for parents to trust, warns NHTSA.

Sensors designed to warn parents who’ve left children in their car when the vehicle gets too hot aren’t reliable, the U.S. government is warning.  That means parents may get a false sense of security when their kids’ health and safety is actually at risk.

The aftermarket devices are difficult to install and prone to deliver false warnings that may encourage parents to ignore a signal when children really are in danger, warned David Strickland, director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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“While we feel these devices are very well-intended, we don’t think they can be used as the only countermeasure to make sure that you don’t forget your child behind in a car,” the nation’s top automotive safety chief stressed during a conference call with reporters.