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Chevy Begins Taking Orders for Volt in All 50 States

Price for 2012 model dropped to $39,995.

by on Jun.10, 2011

Chevy begins nationwide sales of the Volt - while also cutting the MSRP of the plug-in by $1,005.

Buyers waiting in places like Georgia and Illinois will now be able to place their orders for a Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid – and get rewarded for their wait with a $1,005 price cut.

After initially introducing the Volt in just eight so-called “launch markets,” General Motors is rolling out its high-tech halo car nationwide, reflecting both its confidence in the technology and the imminent increase in Volt production.

Introduced last December as a 2011 model, early adopters had to shell out $41,000 for the Volt, which Chevy prefers to call an extended-range electric vehicle, or E-REV.  (The distinction reflects the fact that Volt’s small inline-four gas engine is designed to primarily serve as a generator, once the batteries run down.  It only occasionally provides direct torque to help turn the wheels.)

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The new, $39,995 price tag – which includes destination charges – “is possible in part because of a wider range of options and configurations that come with the expansion of Volt production for sale nationally,” according to a GM release.

A source indicates the maker has also been able to drive down the price it is paying for Volt’s 16 kilowatt-hours of lithium-ion batteries, the single most costly part of the vehicle.