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GM Preparing New Small Block V-8

Gen-V engine promises better mileage and muscle.

by on Dec.06, 2011

The 100-millionth GM small-block engine sits completed at the end of the assembly line.

General Motors is getting ready to roll out an all-new version of its small block V-8 and the maker promises to deliver a mix of both better performance and improved mileage.

The fifth-generation V-8 is due out within 24 months and GM engineers are confirming the Gen-V small-block engine will deliver greater fuel efficiency compared with the current generation without sacrificing performance demanded for products like the Corvette ZR-1.

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“The Gen-V small block is an all-new, state-of-the-art engine family that will offer more efficiency and refinement than any other small block in its more than half-century of production,” said Jordan Lee, the program’s chief engineer. “For customers, that will mean cars and trucks that deliver more performance while using less gas to do it.”