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Louis Chevrolet Monument Revealed

Chrome bust will go to pioneer’s Swiss hometown.

by on Mar.23, 2012

A rendering of the monument that will go into a park in Louis Chevrolet's Swiss hometown.

No, that’s not the world’s largest wad of used aluminum foil.  Stare more closely and you’ll pick out the trademark mustache of auto racer and automotive pioneer Louis Chevrolet.

The rendering seen here is an approximation of what it will look like when a large chrome bust goes into Park West in La Chaux-du-Fonds, Switzerland, Louis Chevrolet’s birthplace.  The work of artist Christian Gonzenbach, it was selected from a wide range of entries in an international competition designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the iconic automotive brand and its founder.

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(For more on Louis Chevrolet, Swiss watch capital La Chaud-du-Fonds and the competition, Click Here.)

Ultimately, an international jury had to select from four quite distinct and different ways of interpreting Louis Joseph Chevrolet’s role in automotive history.  The polished steel bust, measuring 16.4 feet, will be a permanent fixture in the park, which anchors a community that serves as home to Omega, Movado and a number of other well-known Swiss watch companies.