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Can Chevy MyLink Sink Ford Sync?

And what will it mean for OnStar?

by on Feb.18, 2011

Chevy will launch the new MyLink infotainment system on the 2012 Volt and Equinox models.

Chevrolet is about to become the next automaker to take aim at Ford Motor Co.’s well-reviewed Sync infotainment system.

The new Chevy MyLink will go into production on several 2012 models and expand from there, the maker says, offering an array of voice-activated services, including the ability to access music through web services like Pandora.

The Chevy MyLink system adds to the array of services already offered by General Motors’ OnStar system, which is more focused on safety and security, but also provides navigation and so-called concierge features for a monthly charge.

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While Chevy’s corporate parent was an early participant in onboard technology, through OnStar, industry analysts contend the maker fell behind because of its focus on generating monthly revenues.  Ford, however, developed a strong following for Sync because it does not require a fee – though it also doesn’t offer some of the features of OnStar, such as the ability to reach a human operator for emergency assistance.