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As SUV Sales Boom Chevy Planners “Have Our Eyes on a Lot of Things”

Could a new Blazer be in the works?

by on Nov.06, 2017

SUV sales are booming at Chevy led by the Traverse High Country Edition.

The American SUV market is showing no signs of cooling off and that has a lot of manufacturers thinking about what their product mix should look like, notably Chevrolet which is scoring big with new models like the 2018 Equinox and Traverse.

Parent General Motors has slashed production of slower selling models, primarily passenger cars like the Spark and Impala, while boosting output at truck plants, the three Equinox lines running “24/7,” according to Chevy marketing director Steve Majoros.

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Chevy has been adding a range of new SUV variants, such as the Traverse High Country. But when asked if the bowtie brand might be looking at introducing some all-new models to its ute family, Majoros told, “We have our eyes on a lot of things.” (more…)

Revamped Equinox Offering More Bang for Buck

Chevy streamlines offerings on 2016 version of SUV.

by on Feb.12, 2015

Chevrolet introduced its third-generation Equinox at this year's Chicago Auto Show. The new model gets a modest facelift and new technology.

Chevrolet’s new 2016 Equinox builds on five years of increasing sales with a styling revamp, a slew of safety advancements and new entertainment technology.

“Chevrolet Equinox is a pillar of the compact SUV segment, thanks to a value rooted in great style, efficiency, safety and connectivity,” said Alan Batey, president, GM North America.

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“The enhancements to the 2016 Equinox make a versatile vehicle an even better choice, and demonstrate Chevrolet’s commitment to delivering the broadest lineup of SUVs in the industry.” (more…)

Chevrolet Makes Trax in Paris

US left on the sidelines.

by on Oct.01, 2012

Chevrolet is looking to the new Trax compact crossover to continue building momentum in Europe.

The most American of General Motors’ many worldwide brands, Chevrolet has been making rapid gains around the globe since GM emerged from bankruptcy – and nowhere is that more apparent than in Europe, where it is one of the very few makers to post both sales and market share gains for the first eight months of 2012.

Considering the near-collapse of the European market, that’s no mean feat – and one that will rely on new products to keep the momentum building.  New products like the Chevrolet Trax making its debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

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The Chevrolet Trax is a Korean-made compact crossover based on GM’s Gamma II platform – which is shared with several other models including the new Opel Mokka and the Buick Encore.  A modified version of the platform is also used for the new Chevy Sonic model that’s gotten off to a good start since its U.S. introduction for the 2012 model-year.


Equinox Highlights the General’s Improvements

Chevy’s cute ute is a giant step forward, but small V-6 needs updating

by on Mar.27, 2012

Chevrolet Equinox

Of all the new vehicles General Motors introduced in the last four years, it could be this compact crossover where the automaker has shown the biggest turnaround.

This Equinox’s predecessor showed typical GM cost cutting. The interior was flimsy, poorly finished and full of hard plastics and lacked attention to detail. Its engines, particularly the V-6, lacked power and were coarse. And the styling was just blah. As was typical GM, it looked like a vehicle that GM had just gone through the motions to produce, so it could just get it done and into dealerships.

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Contrast that with this current version. It’s styled well enough to stand toe to toe with best small sport utes on the planet. Its base engine carries some of the most advanced technology of any engines made today. And the interior, while still mostly made of stiff plastics, is simply beautiful.


Short on I-4 Equinox, GM Offers Big Cash on V-6s

As fuel prices soar buyers shift demand.

by on Mar.13, 2012

An uphill battle? Chevy is offering hefty incentives to get Equinox buyers to shift to the bigger V-6.

General Motors is pumping up the incentives it’s offering on the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain crossovers.  That might seem odd considering the maker is struggling to keep up with demand for the two CUVs – but the $1,000 givebacks apply only to the slow-selling V-6 versions.

The maker is hoping to convince some buyers to switch in order to ease the shortage of the I-4 Equinox and Terrain models.  The $1,000 in cash all but offsets the $1,500 premium for the more powerful – if lower mileage – V-6 options.

As reported today, there’s a wholesale shift in the market as motorists downsize the vehicles they pick and the powertrains they opt for.  Small cars have gained significant ground in recent months, climbing from 17.9% of the overall U.S. market as recently as December to 23% in February, according to

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Meanwhile, consumers are rapidly abandoning V-8s for V-6s in big trucks, where available, and shifting from sixes to fours in smaller products, such as the Equinox and Terrain.  The overall result is that the fuel economy of the average new car, truck and crossover set an all-time record last month.


GMC Terrain Review

More than an Equinox clone.

by on Sep.10, 2010

GMC's Terrain is built on the same platform as the Chevrolet Equinox, but unique sheetmetal gives it a completely different look.

There was a time when it seemed General Motors was content to slap a different grille on the front and a different sticker on the back and sell the same car under three or four different brands. A Chevrolet Uplander minivan was the same as a Pontiac Montana, not to mention the Buick Terraza and Saturn Relay.

In fact, this GMC Terrain illustrates how GM is now going about what many have derisively called “badge engineering.” The Terrain is a twin of the new Chevrolet Equinox, but you’d hardly notice based on the sheetmetal.

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Where the Equinox has a sleek look, the GMC version is blocky and angular. It’s safe to say that those who find the Equinox appealing probably won’t care for the Equinox and vice versa.

In reality, the two vehicles’ hardpoints, such as the wheelbase, windshield and door openings are all the same.

Shooting From the Lip: Bob Lutz Says Farewell

His legacy will be GM's future.

by on Apr.21, 2010

Will retirement end the 50-year career of "Maximum" Bob Lutz, or just serve as a starting point for new ventures?

Old soldiers don’t die.  In some cases, they don’t even fade away.

Officially, Bob Lutz is about to retire, ending a nearly decade-long run with General Motors, and close to half a century in the auto industry.  But as he demonstrated during a “farewell” interview with, the 79-year-old former Marine pilot isn’t going out quietly.  Indeed, one is left to wonder whether Lutz is going at all.

Certainly, the impact of his tenure as “car czar” will be felt for some time at General Motors.  The dramatic restructuring of the automaker’s product development system has produced an array of hot-selling models at a company that had, when Lutz first arrived, in late 2001, become bloated, inefficient and content with mediocrity.

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“Old (and) ossified,” is the way he describes the General Motors that was, rather rapidly, heading towards bankruptcy.  It was a place where the head of styling had almost no say over the company’s designs, and where top management was convinced that cars could be designed and marketed the same way as toothpaste and shaving cream.


General Motors Bumping Up Production

Other makers following GM’s lead.

by on Apr.06, 2010

With some models, like this Chevrolet Equinox, posting triple-digit sales gains, General Motors is boosting production. And other makers, including Ford and Toyota are following, GM's lead.

Stronger sales have prompted General Motors Company to push forward plans to boost production.  (See General Motor’s March Sales up 21%)

The latest signal came this week when GM announced plans to add 100 workers at a transmission plant in Warren, Michigan, which is used for building the six-speed automatic gearbox used in vehicles such as the Chevrolet Equinox, Traverse, Malibu and Impala, Buick LaCrosse, Enclave and Lucerne and GMC Acadia and Terrain.

Through the first three months of the year, U.S. sales for Equinox have risen 130%, compared to the same period last year.  LaCrosse sales are up 197% and Terrain sales are up 245%, compared to the vehicle it replaced, the Pontiac Torrent.

Overall GM’s sales increased 20% but that number is misleading, since it doesn’t account for the fact that the maker has abandoned four brands since emerging from bankruptcy, last year.  Sales at its surviving, core brands, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC, soared 43% in March.

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Susan Docherty, GM’s vice president of marketing, contends the 43% increase demonstrates that the company’s turnaround plan was working.  If nothing else, it means that the maker needs to respond where demand is now exceeding supply.


GM Aiming to Increase Equinox, Terrain Production

Maker facing a rare problem: more buyers than CUVs.

by on Mar.26, 2010

A rare problem for GM -- more customers than cars -- will be fixed by plans to boost production of the popular Chevrolet Equinox.

Here’s something General Motors hasn’t experienced much of in recent years: a shortage of some of its newest and hottest products.  While the maker has often had to dump thousands of dollars on the hood to get sluggish-selling models, like the Chevrolet Cobalt, to move, dealers can’t keep up with demand for another Chevy product, the new Equinox crossover-utility vehicle.

As a result, GM today announced plans to increase production of both the Equinox and its CUV cousin, the GMC Terrain – a move that will result in the creation of nearly 700 jobs.

The decision to ramp up production of the two high-demand crossovers isn’t as easy as simply opening up a spigot.  It requires a two-step process, starting with the expansion of the body shop at a GM factory in Ingersoll, Ontario.  Once that’s completed, the CAMI plant will ship additional Equinox and Terrain bodies to a nearby assembly line in Oshawa, Ontario.

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Adding a third shift in Oshawa will require GM to recall about 600 laid-off workers.  At CAMI, the maker will require another 70 workers, some to be recalled, but others will be new hires.


First Drive: 2010 Chevrolet Equinox

At 32 mpg, bring on the $4-a-gallon gas.

by on Jun.11, 2009

The 2010 Chevrolet Equinox: finally, a credible crossover from General Motors.

The 2010 Chevrolet Equinox: finally, a credible crossover from General Motors.

Remember when SUVs ruled the road?  Actually, it wasn’t all that long ago that classic, truck-based sport-utes accounted for nearly 3 million sales annually, better than one in six of the vehicles we Americans bought each year.  And, notably, the vast majority of those were domestic Big Three products.

To cut into Detroit’s lead, foreign makers, the Japanese, in particular, started churning out millions of so-called “crossover-utility vehicles,” like the Toyota RAV-4 and Honda CR-V.  These days, those CUVs have surged past the classic sport-utes, leaving Detroit playing a desperate game of catch-up.

Chevy’s Equinox was one of the first Big Three entries into the crossover segment and it was, to be honest, a lackluster attempt, little more than an also-ran on the sales charts.  But an all-new version is back for 2010 and while we approached the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox with a fair share of skepticism, a day of driving the new crossover has us singing a very different tune.

Subscribe to TheDetroitBureau.comThere are a variety of reasons why the ’10 Equinox is worth putting on your shopping list.  It’s attractive, well-appointed, roomy and surprisingly refined. And then there’s the issue of fuel-economy. Oh, yes, that.  It’s surprising how quickly we Americans seem to forget about that little matter. Sales of traditional truck-based utes actually showed a bit of a resurgence after last year’s record run-up, but in recent weeks, with pump prices soaring back from barely $2 a gallon to something closer to $3, it’s once a factor to consider. And it gives good reason to consider the Equinox. (more…)