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Chevy Bolts Past Tesla Model S in Range Testing

Magazine still ranks Model S as the top EV in its rankings.

by on Aug.04, 2017

The Chevy Bolt exceeded its EPA rating for a single charge traveling 250 miles, beating two Model S variants.

With all of the buzz recently surrounding Tesla other EVs, like the Chevy Bolt, have kind of faded into the background … until a report from Consumer Reports revealed the aforementioned Bolt outdistances the Tesla Model S on a single charge.

The magazine put the Bolt and two Model S versions, the 75D and 90D, to the test for and the smaller and much less expensive Bolt came out on top traveling 250 miles, which exceeds its EPA-expected distance of 238 miles.

The Last Word!

The Model S 75D traveled a mere 235 miles, even though it’s rated to travel 259 miles on a charge. The 90D made it 230 miles before it shut down, falling short of its expected distance of 257 miles. It should be noted that both Tesla vehicles were 2016 models. (more…)

GM Extends Production Shutdown at Chevy Bolt EV Plant

Sales for Bolt remain sluggish despite Model 3 frenzy.

by on Jul.18, 2017

GM extended the shutdown period for the Orion, Michigan, plant that produces the Chevy Bolt and Sonic due to slow sales for both.

With sales lagging and inventories bulging, General Motors is extending the shutdown of a plant in the Detroit suburbs that produces its Chevrolet Bolt EV, along with the conventionally powered Chevy Sonic subcompact.

The decision to extend a prior production cutback comes as a disappointment for GM, which had hoped to break into the mass market with the Bolt, the world’s first long-range battery-car to be sold at a mainstream price – just over $35,000 before applying a federal tax credit.

Product News!

The automaker says the shutdown at the Orion Township, Michigan, plant is “due solely” to weak demand for the Sonic. But there are nonetheless bulging inventories of the Bolt on U.S. dealer lots. By contrast, Tesla Motors is claiming it intends to rapidly ramp up production in order to meet what is believed to be an 18-month backlog of initial reservations for its similarly priced Model 3 battery-car. (more…)

Chevy Will Build “Game-Changing” Bolt EV

Maker expects to go mainstream with 200-mile, $30,000 battery-car.

by on Feb.12, 2015

The Bolt will take on the planned Tesla Model III. GM officials confirmed the new EV will be built at it's plant in Orion Township, Michigan. Photo credit: Len Katz.

General Motors will launch production of its “game-changing” Bolt battery-electric vehicle, the maker announced during a speech at the Chicago Auto Show, confirming a report by

Delivering a promised 200 miles per charge, or more than twice what most current battery-cars offer, Chevrolet is betting the Bolt will serve as a “cure for range anxiety,” said Alan Batey, president of North American operations at General Motors.

A Winner!

But at a price tag estimated at around $30,000 after federal incentives are factored in, the Chevrolet Bolt will come in at less than half that of the current long-range mileage champ, the Tesla Model S. The Detroit battery-car also is on a fast track to production that seems likely to bring it to market ahead of Tesla’s own, more affordable model, the planned Model III. (more…)