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Chevy to Reveal 2014 Silverado in Mid-December

Critical debut for GM’s big brand.

by on Oct.22, 2012

Chevy won't wait for the Detroit Auto Show to give the world its first look at the 2014 Silverado.

Deck the halls with full-size pickups? The long-awaited Chevrolet Silverado will finally make its debut in mid-December, Chevy hoping to get some extra ink ahead of the first official public viewing at the Detroit Auto Show a month later. Unfortunately, for those who’d like one of the big trucks for Christmas they’ll have to put it on next year’s wish list.

The maker isn’t saying much about the new truck beyond promising a “bold exterior design” with “features such as jewel-like project beam headlamps,” but it recently took the unusual step of releasing its own “spy shot” of a camouflaged 2014 Silverado.

Keep on Truckin'!

That and the pre-auto show unveiling underscore the significance of the upcoming update to General Motors’ most popular full-size pickup.  (A separate update of the GMC Sierra will be coming, as well.)


First Look: Chevrolet Colorado Rally Show Car

Is a U.S. version in the cards?

by on Jun.21, 2011

Designed in Brazil, the new Chevrolet Colorado Rally show truck debuted in Buenos Aires.

General Motors has offered a sneak peek at the new, South American-designed, midsized Chevrolet Colorado Rally truck.  Making its debut at this week’s Buenos Aires International Auto Show, the Rally is the second show-truck version of the automaker’s next generation global midsize pickup, which was designed by engineers at GM do Brazil.

The debut of the adventure-themed Rally comes on the heels of the reveal of the first Colorado show truck at the Bangkok Motor Show this past April and the decision underscores the importance GM places on the market in Argentina – which senior company officials recently forecast could grow to become larger than Mexico’s automotive market. Sales of new vehicles in Argentina are expected to climb past 1 million units in the near future, GM officials said.

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But what remains unanswered is whether the new truck will make it to the U.S. market.

“Both trucks give a glimpse of the next generation Chevrolet global midsize pickup, which is of huge importance to consumers in many countries around the world.  For example, in Brazil, customers made Chevrolet’s midsize truck the vehicle segment leader for 16 consecutive years,” said Brad Merkel, GM Global Vehicle Line Executive.