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China’s Chery Hopes to Exeed European Expectations

New SUV aimed at cracking into Euro market; offers hint of U.S. plans.

by on Sep.13, 2017

Chery is hoping its Exeed might lead it to be the first Chinese maker to find success outside of China.

China is now the world’s largest automotive market yet, on a global scale, domestic Chinese manufacturers are insignificant players. They’ve nudged into Brazil and a few other third-world markets, but they are all but invisible in Europe and entirely absent from the U.S.

But that could soon change. After years of touting plans, several Chinese automakers are making critical breakout moves, as Chery is demonstrating at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show. There it has rolled out two models that it hopes will anchor its global push.

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They include the Tiggo Coupe and Exeed TX SUV. The coupe crossover is meant to suggest that the state-owned manufacturer can stand up to the best European manufacturers when it comes to pushing the design envelope. Though clearly more conventional, the Exeed shows what Chery is ready to deliver Europeans right now. (more…)