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Cheap Cars Aren’t Boring Cars touts top 10 vehicles under $18K.

by on May.18, 2015

For the second consecutive year, the Mazda3 topped's best vehicles under $18k list.

With new vehicle sales going strong in 2015, much of the focus has been on pricey vehicles like full-size trucks, small luxury crossovers and SUVs. Some of these vehicles can surpass the $60K mark.

What’s a person to do if they want a good new car for cheap…or at least less? Kelley Blue Book’s 12th annual best cars for under $18,000 has the answer. For 2015, their top recommendation is the Mazda3.

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Redesigned for this year, the small car has been on the list every year, notes. (more…)

Wrangler Reaches Mountain Top of Insurance Affordability

SUVs, minivans among cheapest vehicles to insure.

by on Mar.17, 2015

The Jeep Wrangler is the least expensive vehicle to insure, according to

Jeeps are thought of go-anywhere vehicles engaged in treks that might cause a bump, scrape or significant collision. However, despite this confluence of capability and possibility, the Jeep Wrangler Sport 4WD is the least expensive vehicle to insure.

While sport-utility vehicles and minivans are the cheapest vehicles to ensure, two other Jeep models joined the Wrangler among the top 10 least expensive vehicles. The Patriot and Compass were second and sixth on the list, according to

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The average premium for the U.S. is $1,555, although it varies greatly depending upon where you live. (more…)

VW Looks at Low Cost Brand for Emerging Markets

German maker hopes to halve current base price.

by on Oct.15, 2012

A 1946 "people's car." VW is looking at ways to repeat its success by targeting emerging markets with a new bare-bones car line.

It’s first “people’s car,” the Beetle, was originally designed to help get a new generation of German drivers on the road – and during the ‘50s and ‘60s became the car of choice in the U.S. and many other markets for first-time buyers.

But the latest version of the Volkswagen Bug is anything but an economy car.  And with automakers anxiously eying opportunities in today’s emerging markets, that has VW thinking about ways to repeat its past success – possibly by launching an all-new line of economy models that could be sold for as little as $6,500, the maker has confirmed.

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The maker has considered several ways to get there, possibly by partnering with erstwhile competitors such as Malaysia’s Proton or Japan’s Suzuki, but VW officials are now focused on launching a new sub-brand of their own, they’ve confirmed in several interviews.


How Low Can You Go? Try Geely’s $2,250 IG

Chinese maker’s two-door could become world’s lowest-price car.

by on May.07, 2010

Geely plans to put the IG concept into production by 2012, and at price that will likely run under $2,250, possibly as low as $1,500.

Just how low can a carmaker go and still have something that can be called an automobile?

Just days ago, revealed plans by Nissan, Renault and India’s Baja Auto to produce a minimalist model for just $2,500 – about 10% less than the current low-price champ, the Tata Nano.  Now comes word that China’s aggressive little Geely wants to drive the numbers even lower.

Geely – which recently purchased Swedish carmaker Volvo from Ford Motor Co. – is putting a tentative price tag of just $2,250 on a production version of its pint-sized IG concept car.  (Though several sources have quoted figures as low as $1,500.)  And Geely officials insist their planned offering will be more than just a stripped down econobox.

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Set to go on sale sometime in 2012, the IG is expected to feature a modest 70-horsepower, 1.0-liter I-3, which will use a CVT transmission to drive the front wheels.


Renault-Nissan Aim to Produce $2,500 Car

Targeting Tata Nano.

by on May.04, 2010

Renault, Nissan and Indian partner Bajaj hope to undercut the price of the Tato Nano, shown here, with their ULC project.

The Euro-Asian Renault and Nissan Alliance will work with a third partner, India’s Bajaj Auto, to produce a super-low cost auto aimed at India’s emerging middle class – and targeting the Tata Nano, currently the lowest-priced model available on the subcontinent.

“We are aiming for a price of $2,500,” said Renault President and CEO Carlos Ghosn, a target that helps explain why the project has been delayed for several years.  The three partners announced the program in 2008 and were hoping to be to market this year.  Instead, it will now be delayed until 2012.

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Bajaj Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj has agreed to move ahead, though his eponymous firm originally opposed the idea of focusing on a rock-bottom price.  Instead, industry insiders say, his goal was to emphasize high fuel economy and low maintenance costs – even if the vehicle were to come in at a price higher than that of the well-publicized Tata Nano.