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Ford Motor Company offers UAW More Jobs

Small, but symbolic step is peace offering to union, which refuses to match GM, Chrysler bankruptcy concessions.

by on Aug.04, 2010

Ford's decision to skip a federal bailout certainly hasn't hurt sales but left the balance sheet weak.

Ford Motor Company will bring in-house by 2012 about 1,975 hourly jobs that would have been performed by suppliers inside and outside of the U.S. , the number two Detroit maker said this morning.

Ford said it can add what will be United Auto Workers spots into Ford’s U.S. plants thanks to “collaboration with the union” to make its plants more competitive and efficient through modern labor agreements.

Translation: Ford has started hiring some workers again at $14 an hour, half of the rate previously, under a new “two-tier” wage system agreed to in 2007.

Industry observers remain concerned about Ford’s balance sheet, which is carrying more than $25 billion in debt that wasn’t wiped out because it did not declare bankruptcy last year when GM and Chrysler did so.

Job Creation?

“The name of the game is competitiveness, and our UAW partners have found new ways of working together on labor agreements that allow us to bring jobs back to Ford plants and back to America,” said Mark Fields, president of The Americas, who is speaking today at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City.