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Device Shuts Down Cellphones While Driving

A digital way to hang up.

by on Jan.23, 2012

Scosche blocks the use of cellphones while a car is in motion.

Some drivers just can’t seem to hang up the cellphone – even with tough fines in place in many parts of the country.  So, a new digital device will do it for them.

Dubbed Scosche, the manufacturer claims the device not only will prevent calls from being made from a moving vehicle but the technology also will prevent text messaging, the use of e-mail, even blocking the use of a cellphone’s camera and other apps.

And should you use the device to try to get your teenagers to focus on driving the system will send its own text message or alert if it’s either tampered with or itself disabled.

Be in the Know!

About the size of an inkjet printer’s ink cartridge, Scosche starts at $129.95 and can be purchased at a variety of locations, including at the mega-website Amazon.  Notably, it’s listed alongside of some other gear the company produces that makes it easier to make calls or use devices like external navigation systems and satellite radio receivers.