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Growing Number of Cities Ponder Going Carless

Urban planners come to grips with pollution, gridlock.

by on Feb.14, 2014

More and more cities are looking for ways to reduce traffic - some considering ways to ban cars entirely.

Few countries have had as intense a love affair with the automobile as the U.S. – except perhaps Germany, home of the high-speed Autobahn. Yet, the country’s second-largest city is studying ways to go carless.

The northern city of Hamburg has laid out an initial concept, dubbed the Green Network Plan, that would expand public transport and add more routes for pedestrians and bicyclists. But the most controversial aspect calls for a steady phase-out of automobiles in the city center over the next two decades.

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And Hamburg might not be alone. The idea of banning, or at least reducing, the use of automobiles in the center city has become an increasingly hot topic among urban planners, especially in Europe and some other industrialized countries trying to deal with issues as diverse as congestion and smog. And with a number of different approaches under study, the auto industry is struggling to find ways to heed the call for cleaner, quieter, less crowded urban environments. (more…)

Even as Economy Rebounds, Americans Curb Driving

Decline could have serious economic repercussions.

by on Aug.29, 2013

Americans continue to spend less and less time on the road, even as the economy recovers.

Fewer people at work, fewer people driving.  It’s a simple equation and one that a lot of experts pointed to as explanation for the notable drop in the total miles U.S. motorists clocked during the depths of the recession.

So, how to explain the fact that even as the economy finally is showing real signs of recovery the number of miles driven continues to decline.  That report from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) is just the latest indication that Americans may be falling out of love with their automobiles.

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“For almost 40 years, auto usage, as measured by vehicle miles travelled (VMT), closely tracked real gross domestic product. VMT dropped during the most recent recession, as it has during previous ones. But unlike after prior recessions, it still hasn’t recovered,” notes a report from the John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center.