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Toyota Wants to Take the Air Out of Your Tires

Those round rubber donuts are going high-tech.

by on Oct.31, 2017

Toyota's Fine-Ride Comfort concept vehicle uses a prototype airless tire by Sumitomo.

If Toyota has its way you soon might be running around on airless tires. That doesn’t mean you’ll be riding a flat, though.

The Japanese automaker’s Fine-Comfort Ride concept car, which is making its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, features tires that don’t need to be inflated to be used. The airless design “contributes to greater safety and peace of mind,” according tire manufacturer Sumitomo, “by freeing the driver from worries about punctures and the trouble of having to manage tire pressure.”

We Won't Tire You Out!

Sumitomo isn’t the only manufacturer hoping to develop an airless tire. Michelin is working on a similar concept it has dubbed the “Tweel.” And though neither company is saying when such a design might make it into production, what seems clear is that motorists are going to see a lot of changes in wheels and tires in the coming years, reflecting broader technological changes reshaping the automobile.


Australian Firm Aims to Reinvent the Wheel

But this better mousetrap isn't cheap.

by on Nov.12, 2012

A Carbon Revolution wheel for a Porsche 911.

A small Australian firm wants to reinvent the wheel.

Known as Carbon Revolution, the firm has developed what it claims to be the world’s first one-piece carbon fiber wheels.  Super-light but extremely costly, CF is seen by many as the material of the future, at least for the auto industry. And the wheels offer many, if not more, advantages  than using carbon fiber for automotive body panels and chasses.

The Australian start-up is pitching the wheels as a durable, light alternative to traditional aluminum alloy wheels. There is, of course, a trade-off at about $15,000 for a set of four. But company officials insist that if they can get their technology into mass production prices could plunge to a point where the carbon fiber technology could be competitive on mid-range luxury models or even more mainstream vehicles.

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During a recent demonstration of the new technology, Carbon Revolution CEO Jake Dingle and Design Director Ashley Danmead demonstrated a pair of new wheels crafted for use on the latest Porsche 911.  At barely 15 pounds for the front wheels and less than 18 pounds for the back, they weigh in at about 11 to 13 pounds less than Porsche’s stock wheels.