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Audi Launches a “Travolution”

Car-to-traffic signal system could speed flow, save fuel.

by on Jun.03, 2010

Audi travolution system would link vehicles to the highway infrastructure, including stoplights.

Few things are more frustrating than bouncing from one red light to another when you’re doing your daily commute.  Worse, every stop eats up fuel.

Enter Audi’s travolution concept, which uses WiFi-like technologies to link a car to the roadway infrastructure.  As you’re traveling, the system is communicating with the stop lights along your route, finding out when they’re likely to go red or green.

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That information can be displayed on a graph, much like today’s navigation systems show a countdown bar as you approach a turn.  Except, in this case, travolution advises the motorist what the best speed would be to avoid hitting a red light.  If you’re already at a stop, you’d be told how long before the light turns green again.