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Spy Shots: 2014 Lincoln Compact Crossover

Escape with a luxury touch?

by on Nov.01, 2012

Lincoln's new compact CUV ventures out with relatively little camouflage. Photo credit: Jim Dunne CAR SPY

Once one of the dominant luxury brands, Lincoln has slipped into near obscurity, in recent years, as it’s been passed by BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus as well as cross-town rival Cadillac.

Part of the problem has been a lack of a competitive product portfolio. But now, Ford Motor Co. seems intent on giving Lincoln what it needs with an assortment of offerings that will cover a lot more white space over the next few years.

I Spy With My Little Eye!

The turnaround effort gets seriously underway in 2013 with the launch of an all-new Lincoln MKZ and is followed by, among other critical additions, an all-new sport-utility vehicle — shown here.


Book Excerpt: Jim Dunne’s Car Spy

This sleuth trades his handgun for a Minox.

by on Dec.29, 2011

Jim Dunne pens a tell-all about the business of car spies.

His name is Dunne.  James Dunne.  And if Ian Fleming had written about the world of automotive espionage, this is the man who might have served as his role model.  But where some spies sleuth for competing car companies, this septuagenarian Grosse Pointer serves a more noble purpose.  Or so he’d prefer to think.  The fact is, you’ve probably seen some of his work over the years in the pages of monthly magazines, in countless newspapers around the world, or on various internet sites, including TheDetroitBureau.comJim Dunne is the undisputed king of automotive spy photographers.

Dunne insists he’s retired – though the spy shot of the 2013 Nissan Altima he provided us with yesterday suggests otherwise.  (Click Here for that story.) It’s a way of life and not something someone easily walks away from…especially if they still keep a camera close at hand. 

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As accomplished a story-teller as he is with the camera, Dunne is finally revealing some of the secrets of his successful career, captured in his new book, “Car Spy,” which you can find via  (Here’s the link to buy a copy.) We’ve done a little spying of our own, however, and nabbed one of the more interesting chapters, the story of Dunne’s incursion into the top secret GM Design Dome.  Here’s the excerpt:


Spy shots: 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS

First look at the replacement for Merc's sexy, coupe-like sedan.

by on Feb.04, 2009

Despite the camouflage, it's clearly the '11 Mercedes CLS

Despite the camouflage, it's clearly the '11 Mercedes CLS

Even with camouflage, these are the clearest shots yet of the second generation Mercedes CLS.

Hidden under heavy black disguise, the new four-door coupé peeks through the headlights, rear lights, side mirrors, roof line.

The CLS was the original 2+2 four-door “coupé” when it launched in 2004, with several and manufacturers following – including such automobiles as Aston Martin’s Rapide, Porsche’s Panamera, Volkswagen’s Passat CC and Audi’s upcoming A7.

Power for the new CLS is expected to come from a wide range of engines, including a BlueHybrid and, of course, and AMG with an expected 517-horsepower!

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